Azdome PG01 Rearview Mirror Now Offer For Only 73.99 Euro and LD of GS63H at 68.99 Euro at Amazon


After Dashcams are already fixed facilities in cars, the many countries are slowly but surely catching up. The Azdome Mirror Camera is clamped on the rearview mirror of the car and is a rear-view mirror, camera, and display in one. In the rearview mirror, a 5.5-inch IPS display is integrated and on both the front and on the back is a camera sensor. It is currently available on Amazon for $83.82.

Buy Azdome Rearview Mirror For $83.82

it features a 5.5 “blue-white anti-glare glass, compared with the traditional physical buttons mirror IPS screen, this camera is much easier to navigate and configure the multifunction menu. And the Star-Light Sensor helps text to display excellent visuals all day even in the dimly lit room. So you can see the number plate even at night, which is a requirement for drivers.

It has two cameras: front camera (of FULL HD 1080P, 30 fps of 170 degrees) + rear camera (of 720P 30 fps of 120 degrees and IP67 waterproof). You can use the front as a recording camera, and when you turn off the screen, it can also be used as a rearview mirror to monitor the baby without the need to completely turn around. So you can get a safer driving environment every day.

It is powered by an IP67 waterproof rear camera, it provides a rear view that activates when your car reverses. It will show the parking guidance line, so you can guide drivers to the safety of parking areas.

Based on the design of just one button, it is convenient to toggle between the 4 display modes. A button to take a picture, a button to start recording video, and while recording, a button to switch from the front and back view, a button to block video and a button to resume the video that was already recorded. It is very easy and convenient to operate.

Buy Azdome Rearview Mirror For $83.82

Its G-sensor, loop recording, and parking monitoring, etc. When the memory card is full, the camera deletes the oldest files to make room for what it is recording. And in the event of a collision, the G-Sensor will be activated immediately and the videos recorded during the collision are automatically blocked to avoid unforeseen removal. Azdome PG01 Rearview Mirror is currently available on Amazon for $83.82. Besides , Azdome GS63H is also on sale at only 68.99 euros here.


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