AZDOME’s 3 Coolest and Useful Christmas Gifts For Car Lovers


Christmas is nearly here and from all over the world wishes and gifts are being exchanged at an unexampled rate and are you stuck on what to get for your car this holiday season? we all grasp that choosing Christmas presents can be stressful, especially for the car enthusiasts who are extremely particular regarding what goes onto their cars, it’s a tough task for them to choose a present for their car this holiday season? however not to worry, you’re lucky enough to see this article. Because China’s largest dash cam manufacturer AZDOME, is hosting a Brands Christmas shopping on AliExpress.

Below, we’ve ranked AZDOME’s 3 coolest and useful gifts any car enthusiasts will need and love.

Ambarella A12 HDR dash cam DAB211

Let’s begin with the powerful versatile dash cam DAB211. Why do I say DAB211 is versatile? Well, Azdome DAB211, of course, has all the expected features of the higher level of dash cams like G-sensor, motion detection or parking monitor, however, will throw in some additional stuff like 2.5D curved sides design, video no distortion, over speed warning, the adjustable lens, ADAS, GPS, HDR. The super night vision dash cam AZDOME DAB211 an Ambarella CPU equipped 1440p dash cam paired with an OV4689 image sensor that can shoot videos at 1440p resolution.and comes with 1440p resolution, 150°ultra wide angle for the panoramic views of the surrounding environment. You can buy this AZDOME DAB211 on AliExpress.

4k Dash Cam GS63H

Next AZDOME GS63H world’s first 4k dash cam this device features a 2.4 inches mini LCD, built-in GPS, wifi function and silicone suction mount, simply talking about 4k resolution, it wins favor among the bulk of car lovers. Get the AZDOME GS63H on AliExpress.

Dual Lens Dash Cam GS65H

Finally, we have the world’s 1st dual lens dash cam GS65H, it can be described as hot consumer goods, you may have already famed that GS65H can be wont to capture journeys for self-driving enthusiasts, and also can be used to protect oneself for Uber drivers, it can be used in different application scenarios due to the dual lens, one recording the front, and another one capturing the inside of the car, alternative specs embody a 6-layer glass lens, a large F1.8 aperture-which greatly improve the image definition, and a silicone suction mount for easier installation and removal. it also applies IR technology so the image is more clear while driving at night. You can buy this AZDOME GS65H dual lens dash cam on AliExpress.

If you are from America, you can also buy the dash cams on Amazon.

Below is the Christmas blessing video from all AZDOME Valued staff:

Wish all of you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

More information on the sale as well as the products included in the event can be found on the Adzome‘s Official Website.


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