Backup and transfer your WhatsApp with iSkySoft Toolbox


Back in 2019, when we communicated via SMS payment messages, WhatsApp arrived and revolutionized courier services because it was the first free proposal that allowed us to write without limits. The first thing to note and the application became popular as foam. Today, WhatsApp is the most widely used messaging application on the planet.

The trend of using WhatsApp has increased over the years and seems unchanged; so many companies have entered their web chat via WhatsApp to facilitate communication with customers. Today I will explain why in the various chat apps available, using WhatsApp is one of the most recommended options. And I will also explain about WhatsApp transfer and WhatsApp backup using iSkySoft Toolbox.

Why enter WhatsApp chat on our website?

Currently there are various plugins and chat modules to be installed on our website and therefore have smooth and fast communication with our users, but above all they start highlighting what is dedicated to WhatsApp. In general, chat is usually more complete and offers features and functions that are superior to basic WhatsApp chat. For example, many of them allow users to communicate directly from the chat window that opens on the same web page (something that WhatsApp is not permitted to do because it is used through the WhatsApp Web service that opens on a new page) or configure predefined messages that appear to the client when he enters our website or writes us to consult something.

Key features and advantages of WhatsApp chat:

This is used by everyone: it’s strange to find someone who doesn’t use WhatsApp, 99% of people use it to communicate with their family and friends.
– Trust: widely known, users feel more comfortable using this chat than others.
– Ease of use: everyone knows how to use WhatsApp and its operation is very simple, which supports users to use it to consult with doubts.
– Etc.

Personally I can’t do it without WhatsApp, I receive messages from my daughter’s school when she travels the field. Roll “We have arrived well”. I receive appointments and reminders from dentists and more. We left even though I wanted it could not be without WhatsApp and in it I kept things that were very important, both personal and professional.

Protect, save or transfer your WhatsApp completely with the Toolbox:

That’s why having a healthy WhatsApp is highly recommended. So today we want to show you a powerful tool that will allow us to do 3 things in a very simple way. This software is called iSkySoft Toolbox and does the following:

– This allows you to transfer all WhatsApp (to clone 100%) from one smartphone to another smartphone. For example, from iPhone to iPhone. Or even from iPhone to Android and vice versa.
– You can back up WhatsApp on iPhone, to save it on your computer.
– You can even extract files, photos or WhatsApp conversations from the backup itself.
– You can also clearly restore a backup copy on a new smartphone or target (either iOS or Android).

Besides WhatsApp, we can do the same thing with Line, KIK or Viber.

If WhatsApp data and messages are important to you or if you change your smartphone and want to keep everything the same, this is the tool you are looking for.

Between iOS and Android, the problem is that iOS keeps a backup copy of WhatsApp in iCloud and Android isn’t on Google Drive. So we have to use a tool like this if we want to do the right cloning. Hopefully by reading this short article you can get benefits. Thank you for reading.


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