Bakeey Metal Strap Strap Wristband for Xiaomi Mi Band 3 in Just $7.99 @Banggood Offer (Limited 100 pcs)


Bakeey Metal Strap Screwless Stainless Steel Replacement Strap comes with the great metallic body is available for the xiaomi mi band 3.

If you have any xiaomi mi band 3 you can use this metal strap for your wristband to make your wristband more better. it comes with the multiple colors, golden, silver, and many more. Bakeey Metal Strap is made with the best material its lightweight and stylish. it can make your xiaomi mi band 3 another different look.

Bakeey Metal Strap offers the quality with the excellent grip you will ever see. it looks better when you wear it. it is specially made for the xiaomi product the xiaomi mi band 3. you can easily fit the Bakeey Metal Strap in your mi band 3 wristband. Bakeey Metal Strap comes with the stainless steel which also can be replaceable.

The more you need to know about the Bakeey Metal Strap Stainless steel strap. the total length of the strap is under the Mini 175mm ~ Max 230mm. there is the width approximately 15mm. it has the lightweight which is 40g. the weight makes this strap really good because you just don’t need to hesitate just wear and free your wristband in the bakeey metal screwless stainless steel strap.

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It compatible with the xiaomi mi band 3 you just need to put your wristband in this bakeey stainless steel strap. it’s easy to use and simple to wear. the design of this metal strap is cooler than any other strap. it is easily available at Banggood with the price of $7.99. they have the limit pc 100 pcs so don’t wait just grab.


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