Banggood 11th Anniversary Celebration, Huge Bargains You Can’t Miss


Banggood celebrating 11th Anniversary, we have a series of fun games to get the coupons with the big discount during the preheating stage from August 7th to September 7th, the formal Anniversary day is from September 7th to 9th. You can purchase the high quality & good price products from this period.

We Have The Cosmic Sale Schedule (As much As We Know So Far)


  • 7th – Anniversary Begins
    9th – Trending Fashion Deals Launch
    14th – VIP Special
    16th – Home
    21st – Outdoors and RC
    23rd – Electronics and tools
    28th – Smart Mobile Tech
    30th EU/US Direct Fast Shipping


  • 1st – 6th Pre Anniversary Warmup Deals
    7th – 11th Big Bang Anniversary Begins
    8th –Big Bang Deals
    9th – Big Bang 11th Anniversary Ends


We will have an ongoing feed of snap ups, where you can have the chance to grab things at unbelievable prices.


We will have a few fun games over the birthday and also during warm up, they are easy and fun to enter, so keep an eye out.

Once a year Deals

This is normally the best time of the year for deals, prices on Banggood,s birthday will be slashed and although you might not be lucky enough to grab a snap up deal, you will be able to enjoy 11th anniversary deals.

Anniversary coupons

Word is there will be an epic Anniversary coupon with full details Click Here.

Banggood is Turning 11 this year and celebrating with the biggest bang since the big bang, This year you get more massive discounts and huge events where everyone can win. Like previous years we will have a 2-day massive anniversary promotion. Banggood is celebrating is set for the 7th to 9th of September 2017. Warmup will begin August and things will really start to heat up a few days before the Anniversary days.


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