“Banggood Flash Sale” Y2 TFT Waterproof Fitness Smart Wristband now in just $24.99


Y2 TFT Smart wristband comes with 0.96” Color LCD Display with a best reasonable screen size of superior quality pictures showing to give you an incredible experience. it has remote Notifications at the point when there is SMS, approaching call or message from Twitter, Facebook or different applications on the associated telephone, the watch will caution you to peruse them.

There are many features Y2 TFT Smart wristband in Heart Rate Monitor which has24-hour continuous heart rate observing. Effectively get the subtle elements of your heart BPM without interfering with your exercise. it has circulatory strain Monitor. it has circulatory strain status comprehend the physical condition whenever USB Interface Direct Charge expel the principal body of the arm ornament, connect the interface to the PC USB port, it can charge straightforwardly.

It has IP67 Waterproof Shield the shrewd arm ornament from water (Not for swimming, however, you can wear it to clean up. it has Illuminating Screen By Lifting Wrist. It’s without hands to peruse the time by lifting wrist. it has Wide Compatibility the application bolsters most advanced mobile phones with Bluetooth 4.0 or above. Emotionally supportive network: iOS 8.0 or more, Android 4.4 or above.


Banggood giving the best Y2 TFT Smart wristband at the price of $24.99. the best wristband with 0.96 color LCD display and IP67 certified waterproof.


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