Baofeng Mojing 5 V Virtual Reality VR Headset Will Cooperate with Magic Leap


Recently, there is much rumor about Baofeng Mojing 5 V VR Headset, a highly well-known China brand in TV video and VR Headset. According to the latest news Baofeng Mojing will hold press release by the end of this May, they will not only release Baofeng Mojing 5 V vr headset, but also cooperate with the overseas partner mysteriously.  We will finally wait for the next generation of Baofeng Mojing 5 V.  Other news from its staff that they have worked overtime to communicate with overseas partner on phones. Meanwhile, they claim they are recruiting the AR technicians which leaked they will increase AR business besides VR.


From Microblog it claims Baofeng Mojing will hold large Baofeng Mojing press conference by the end of this month and cooperate with famous overseas manufacturer. You may think it’s the rumor, but Baofeng Mojing focuses on the experience of mobile VR and they admit the mobile VR is not better than that of PC VR.  They are dedicated to the technology to develop the VR better and provide more portable and better product experience. Baofeng Mojing has also announced many cooperation in technology including cooperating ARM company in optimization and Nvidia in Graphics, etc.

Therefore, we can estimate that these rumor will become real, especially cooperating with the overseas partner. Currently, many famous VR or AR company have developed well. They have developed in different fields such as AR display, movement capturing, gaze tracking, voice interaction, etc. Meanwhile, many netizens guess Magic Leap is the AR company that can project three dimensional image to our vision, won the investment of Alibaba and Google. If they really cooperate with this company, we are so looking forward on AR experience. But one thing that we can be sure is the new generation of Baofeng Mojing will use the new advanced technology.


As for its product, Huang Xiaojie, Baofeng Mojing CEO announced they will publish Baofeng Mojing 5, All-in-one II, Moyang II, and VR Robots. As we know, Baofeng Mojing III and Baofeng Mojing IV have been released in June and November, 2015. Thus, Baofeng Mojing V will be probably released at this press conference. And it’s possible to cooperate with Magic Leap to improve AR industry. Are you looking forward to seeing the truth?  Don’t forget to use 6% off coupon code: VRHEADSET to get it here.


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