Baseus CRXCQA2 Review – 5000Pa Mini Car Vacuum Cleaner at $31.99 From Gearbest


At present, more and more people own cars, many people put a car vacuum cleaner in the car for a clean environment. This Baseus CRXCQA2 5000Pa Mini Car Vacuum Cleaner has a small body like a cup but large suction. It can be used in all sizes of cars and doesn’t have to worry about the corners being difficult to clean, effectively clean the car’s soot, paper scraps, and other garbage.

GearbestBuy Baseus CRXCQA2 Car Vacuum Cleaner at Gearbest


The super stylish and slim design looks amazing but it also serves a purpose. Baseus CRXCQA2 5000Pa Mini Car Vacuum Cleaner has been designed to stay in your vehicle. You can literally store it anywhere, in your cup holder, glove compartment, or even under your seat. The principle behind the Capsule is that you can clean as you go. The moment your child drops those biscuit crumbs, you can simply clean it all up at the end of your journey. Its quick, simple, and ultra-practical! Weighing just 0.3500 kg and measuring only 25.30 x 6.00 x 6.00 cm. This miniature and compact system is the perfect solution for helping you keep your car’s interior clean and free from dust/debris.

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Don’t let its size mislead you though. Baseus CRXCQA2 Vacuum Cleaner packs a powerful 5000Pa super suction that will blow (or rather, suck) your dust away. Its alloy motor and pure copper core deliver a loaded speed of 28000 rpm and a no-load speed of 4000 rpm. 6000mAh large capacity is integrated into the device to provide you with seven uses on a single charge. The charging interface is USB Type-C for fast and reliable charging. In addition to the cable and one brush, a satin bag is included with the Baseus Car Vacuum Cleaner. The device, along with one brush, fits freely in a bag and can be stored together in the glove compartment of a car. Although in some models it will take it completely.


Baseus CRXCQA2 5000Pa Mini Car Vacuum Cleaner pressurizes with multi-level cyclone airflow and is designed by a spiral fan blade, suction up to 5000Pa, and rotate speed up to 44000rpm, can collect paper, dust, hair, and coin easily. It is small and portable, can be put in a storage box, cup slot. And the pocket of your car to save much space. Thanks to the wireless handheld design, you can say goodbye to cable and twining wire. We can buy it from Gearbest at $31.99 in Flash Sale.

GearbestBuy Baseus CRXCQA2 Car Vacuum Cleaner at Gearbest


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