Basics Of Mining Digital Currencies


Cryptocurrency mining can be easy money for you, provided you are smart enough in this field. By contributing to the software that powers the blockchain technology you can make easy earning. In this article, I will inform you about a mining platform that might be best for you.

The key element of the crypto business is mining because it helps you keep the outflow of the coins in the market by minting them while validating the ongoing exchanges on a network. To make it simple, the miners have the responsibility of verifying the exchanges and for this, they have to solve some algorithms that are too intricate. To earn a block reward, the miner trades all of his computer and electricity power together to make a transaction successful. The reward is an incentive towards his contribution to the technology to make it sustainable for a longer time. If you are interested in bitcoin trading check the top crypto trends for 2021 .

Simply putting it into perspective, blockchain technology is the bedrock for all digital things, be it a cryptocurrency or the NFT. It is a platform that keeps track of all the transactions without allowing any tampering with it that is why it is called with another name which is the “Distributed Ledger Technology”.

Before knowing about the best mining platforms let us get to their benefits.

  • If you are into mining, it can be a lucrative side business for you. You can make additional income flow for you by just doing simple research about it with the help of your computer and the electric power.
  • Secondly, you also possess a considerable right that you can exercise if you wish to make any changes in the network’s protocol.
  • Lastly, to bring the decentralized finance as a truth of the matter, miners have got a major part to contribute to its movement.

How To Protect A Network From 51% Attack?

In a distributed network like blockchain, there is the concept of making consensus among the verifiers that is the miners to validate any exchange taking place. By facilitating this mechanism, it helps prevent the network from some vulnerabilities under which 51% of attacks are spoken.

51% occupancy to the blockchain is possible only when a party has more than 50% holding of the blockchain network. This allows the controller to bring changes to a protocol as per his own will. But to fight such evil consensus is made necessary amongst the parties. To facilitate such network attacks, the miner will be required to possess a lot of electrical and computing power. By chance, failing to do that, he has got to lose more than the earning he could have made.

Some famous consensus methods include proof of work, proof of activity, proof of stake, proof of history. Mining depends upon the type of method miners choose for consensus.

Who Can Opt For Mining Digital Currencies?

Any person is eligible to miner cryptocurrency of his own choice if he/she has got the following thing:

  • An internet connection,
  • A supported wallet for storing cryptocurrencies,
  • An effective Hardware

If a miner has got all these things with him, he can join the mining process. But before going for mining you must make sure that your currency is eligible for mining.

You can either do individual mining or can also go for a pool that works on a bigger level and has better mining. You can prefer a pool if you cannot afford all the resources needed for mining on your own.

Closing thought

We have discussed the fundamentals of mining in this blog. I hope you understand them completely and they will be of great benefit to your mining future.


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