Beco Soft Review – 6000 Puffs Disposable Vapes


Disposable vapes are all the rage these days, and with so many options on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. Beco is a vaping company that has made a name for themselves by offering a wide range of disposable vapes, each with its unique features. Their latest addition to the lineup is the Beco Soft Pod, which promises an impressive 6000 puffs from a single device and comes filled with 12ml of ejuice. But how does it stack up in terms of flavor and overall experience? In this review, we’ll take a closer look at the Beco Soft and see if it lives up to the hype.


Beco Soft disposables are a unique addition to the market. These devices are named after the soft touch coating that covers nearly the entire body of the device, which is a semi-rubbery, thin layer that feels nice to hold. Although it seems odd to name a product after a single element of the design, the soft touch coating is indeed a prominent feature that sets the Beco Soft apart from other disposables on the market.

In terms of size, the Beco Soft is about the same size as a medium-sized pod vape. Measuring 76.6mm tall, 43.7mm wide, and 23.5mm deep, it has a box shape with fully rounded sides and rounded edges. The fully rounded sides make it comfortable to hold in one’s hand, and the vertical ridges down one side of the device add grip, making it less likely to slip out of one’s hand.

Each Beco Soft comes pre-filled with 12ml of ejuice and has a built-in 1500mAh battery, which provides a satisfying vaping experience. However, this does add weight to the device, so carrying more than two at a time could make your pockets feel a little heavy. Despite this, they are still portable and can be easily carried around.

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The branding of the Beco Soft is not overdone, with a large Beco logo, the name of the device, and the flavor printed on the front of the device in large enough lettering to be easily seen at a glance. The branding is tastefully done, and the colors of the device correspond to the flavor inside. For instance, Banana Milk is yellow to match the color of a banana, and Strawberry Pineapple Coconut is black with pink writing.

The top and bottom of the device do not have the soft touch coating found on the rest of the body. Instead, they are made of a matte plastic that is the same color as the body. The pastel color choices are pleasing to the eye and make the devices stand out. There is a single airflow hole located on the bottom of the device, and next to it is a small hole for the LED light, which also functions as a secondary airflow hole.

The LED light is not too large or overly bright, but covering it while vaping in a dark room can affect the draw, making it hard to pull. This is a minor issue, however, and doesn’t detract from the overall experience of using the device.

Overall, the Beco Soft disposables are well-built, comfortable to use, and feel like solid devices. The soft touch coating, branding, and color choices all add up to create a unique product that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. The weight of the device is a minor issue, and the LED light can be a problem when vaping in a dark room, but these issues are far outweighed by the overall quality of the product. If you’re looking for a disposable device that stands out from the crowd, the Beco Soft is definitely worth checking out.


Beco Soft disposables have caught the attention of many vapers, and I was curious to try them out for myself. These disposables use a 1.1Ω stainless steel mesh coil as their heating element, and they come filled with 12ml of nicotine salt ejuice in either 20mg or 50mg/ml strength. I appreciated the use of a stainless steel coil as it provided a cleaner flavor than kanthal.

As a heavy vaper who is used to vaping on 50mg disposables; I was confident that I could handle anything, no matter how strong. However, these 50mg disposables proved me wrong. While taking a few draws here and there provided great satisfaction, absent-mindedly taking multiple puffs left me feeling the effects of the high nicotine content. The level of nicotine satisfaction that these disposables provide is extremely high, so even if you’re used to vaping on 50mg disposables, you might find these too strong to vape on in the same way that you currently do.

This is a double-edged sword because, on the one hand, you don’t have to vape as much to get the same satisfaction. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a device to vape on more for the flavor and less for the nicotine, the 50mg strength might be too much. In this case, you could opt for their 20mg strength; but then you may not find the 20mg/ml to be satisfying enough.

One of the most impressive features of the Beco Soft disposables is their draw. Each one provides a loose mouth-to-lung draw, with airflow that is smooth and free of any turbulence. The draw activation is very sensitive, to the point that you can activate it just by trying to smell the flavor near the mouthpiece. Despite their sensitivity, they don’t take a lot of effort to activate, and I haven’t experienced any accidental activation.

As for the flavor, I went over the individual flavors in the last section, but as a whole; I found the flavor to be great. While some of the flavors were a bit too strong for my liking and could be taken down a notch or two, the stainless steel mesh coil did an excellent job of producing a full and robust flavor from the ejuice inside.

Overall, I would recommend the Beco Soft disposables to vapers who are looking for a high nicotine content disposable with excellent flavor and draw. However, if you’re not used to vaping on 50mg disposables; you might want to start with the 20mg strength and work your way up. Regardless, these disposables are a great addition to the vaping world and are definitely worth trying out.


As a lover of fruity flavors, I was excited to try Beco’s range of e-liquid flavors. With twelve different options available, there’s bound to be something to please every palate. The flavors mostly consist of fruit combinations, but there are a few unique options, like Marshmallow and Banana Milk.

One of my favorite flavors from Beco was the Blueberry Raspberry. The combination of these two fruits was perfectly balanced, with neither flavor overpowering the other. It had a nice sweetness to it, but wasn’t overly sugary. The throat hit was smooth, and the vapor production was excellent.

Another flavor I enjoyed was the Strawberry Ice. This one had a strong strawberry flavor with a hint of cool menthol. It reminded me of a frozen strawberry daiquiri, perfect for summertime vaping. The menthol was not overpowering but added a nice refreshing touch.

For those who prefer a more subtle flavor, the White Grape might be a good option. It had a light, sweet grape flavor that was easy to vape all day long. The throat hit was smooth and didn’t leave any harsh aftertaste.

The Strawberry Pineapple Coconut was an interesting combination that I wasn’t sure about at first; but it turned out to be a pleasant surprise. The tropical flavors blended together nicely, and the coconut added a creamy texture to the vapor. It was like vaping a fruity cocktail on a beach.

The Kiwi Passionfruit Guava was a tangy flavor with a tropical twist. The kiwi and guava flavors were dominant, with the passionfruit adding a subtle sweetness. It was a refreshing flavor, perfect for a hot day.

The Orange Peach was another fruity combination that worked well together. The orange was tangy and sweet, while the peach added a mellow, creamy flavor. It was a great balance of sweet and tart, with a smooth throat hit.

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The Marshmallow flavor was a unique option that I had never tried before. It had a sweet, creamy taste with a subtle hint of vanilla. It was not overpowering, but instead had a gentle flavor that was easy to vape all day long.

If you’re a fan of menthol flavors, the Premium Menthol is a great choice. It had a crisp, refreshing flavor that left a cool sensation in the throat. It was not too strong, but provided a nice kick to the vapor.

The Banana Milk was a creamy, smooth flavor that tasted just like a banana milkshake. It had a sweet, natural banana flavor with a hint of vanilla. It was a delicious dessert-like flavor that I enjoyed as a treat.

For a fruity and refreshing option, the Peach Mango Watermelon was a great choice. The flavors blended well together, with the peach and mango adding sweetness and the watermelon adding a refreshing twist. It was a great balance of sweet and juicy.

Lastly, the Lush Ice was a fruity menthol flavor that had a watermelon and strawberry combination. The menthol provided a cool sensation in the throat, while the fruit flavors were sweet and refreshing. It was a great flavor for hot summer days.

Overall, I was impressed with the range of flavors that Beco offered. Each flavor was unique and had a distinct taste. The throat hit was smooth and didn’t leave any harsh aftertaste, while the vapor production was excellent. If you’re a fan of fruity flavors, I highly recommend giving Beco a try.


In conclusion, the Beco Soft disposables are a unique addition to the disposable vape market. The soft touch coating, branding, and color choices make them aesthetically pleasing and functional devices. The 1.1Ω stainless steel mesh coil provides a clean flavor; and the 12ml of ejuice and 1500mAh battery offer a satisfying vaping experience. The draw is smooth and free of any turbulence, and the sensitivity of the draw activation is impressive. While the high nicotine content may be too strong for some; the overall quality of the product makes it worth checking out for anyone looking for a disposable device that stands out from the crowd.


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