Beelink BT3 TV Box Design, Hardware, Features Review


Beelink BT3 is a small computer that can be quickly explained as a box capable of providing the complete functions of a PC or laptop to any TV or monitor that has an HDMI port. From there it is necessary to make use of controls, mice and keyboards (preferably wireless) to handle any software or Windows function.


The Beelink BT3 of Chinese origin has a fabrication based on a black square shell Beelink BT3 is a small box with the minimum expected connection to transform your TV or monitor into a computer under Windows 10. You will have 2 USB ports have 1 USB 3 , SD card port, RJ45 network jack, headphone jack. Microphone jack, power input, 1 HDMI port.


When detailing the power of the internal components chosen should be noted that there are many differences with what proposes the most alternatives in the market, and even some tablets that also bet on the Microsoft operating system. Thus, the processor is none other than an Intel Atom x5-Z8350 Processor quad-core operating at a maximum frequency of 1.9 GHz. This is complemented by a Intel Graphic HD GPU , 2GB of RAM and 64GB internal storage space with the ability to expand through A microSD card up to 128 GB.


Fundamental to getting the most out of these devices is the connectivity available and the number of accessories that can be included through ports. Undoubtedly Beelink BT3 takes a point in its favor in this section, because in the back of the computer can be found from a USB 3.0 port and another USB 2.0 to connect keyboard or pendrives, in addition to RJ45 , Microphone Jack, HDMI (output Video up to 4K resolution) and Ethernet to connect the modem / router via cable.

As for wireless connections, support for the WI-FI 802.11 a / b / g / n standard , as well as Bluetooth 4.0, can be added to add all types of current devices that avoid cable (and also mobile) dependence. It should be noted that an internal battery is not present, so the computer must always be connected to a power outlet to operate.


The Beelink BT3 is a very good TV BOX. Features also anything and has very good specs.


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