Beelink GT-King Review: Monster Gaming TV Box For 2019


So today, we would like to show you the Beelink GT-King review. As most of you remember GT-King TV Box is one of the first TV Boxes equipped with the new Amlogic S922X chipset, and at the moment it is the most powerful TV Box, among the tested TV Boxes. He was hailed by us as “King of Benchmarks”. How Beelink GT-King fell during other tests, and whether he has any weaknesses, you’ll find out in this review.

Beelink GT-King TV Box Specifications:

CPU – Amlogic S922X hexa-core big.LITTLE processor with 4x Arm Cortex A73 cores @ up to 1.8 GHz, 2x Arm Cortex A53 cores @ 1.9 GHz; 12nm manufacturing process
GPU – Arm Mali-G52MP4 @ 846MHz
System Memory – 4GB LPDDR4 RAM
Storage – 64GB eMMC flash, microSD card slot
Video Output – HDMI 2.1 up to 4K @ 75 Hz, AV port (composite)
Video – AVE-10 engine with 4K UHD H.265/VP9/AVS2 video decoding up to 60 fps, Dolby Vision, Advanced HDR10, HDR10+, HLG, and PRIME HDR high-dynamic range support
Audio – Digital audio via HDMI, stereo analog audio via 3.5mm AV jack, optical S/PDIF
Connectivity – Gigabit Ethernet, dual-band 802.11 b/g/n/ac 2×2 MIMO WiFi 5, Bluetooth 4.1
USB – 2x USB 3.0 ports, 1x USB 2.0 OTG port
Misc – Upgrade button, the green LED
Power Supply – 12V DC / 1.5A power barrel jack
Dimensions – 108 x 108 x 15.3 mm
The box included everything that you need to get started:

Inside The Box:

  1. Power Adapter
  2. HDMI Cable
  3. Remote Control with air mouse feature
  4. User Manual


The Beelink GT-King has a classic design in general lines, with a black box that stands out for its skull on the top with eyes that light up in green (not very bright). In the front we have an IR receiver that is not appreciated, at the connector level we find two USB 3.0 ports , we also have HDMI 2.1 to 4K @ 75fps connector, another USB 2.0 rear, microSD reader, SPDIF, power connector, AV jack and a hole with the reset that we can press to enter flash mode.

In the lower part, we have a lid mounted on pressure, if we open this we can see the Wifi chip MiCM + BT 4.1 (AP6356S) that mounts two internal antennas stuck to the inside, the connectors allow us to make a mod and place external antennas if we have a day. The cooling system consists of an aluminum heatsink in the upper area that comes into contact with the SoC. We can see a cable that goes to the leads of the skull and that we can disconnect easily. This TV-Box has many internal connectors that we can see in detail in the official documentation of Beelink on the plate.

Beelink GT-King comes with 2.4G wireless remote control with an air mouse feature. Voice Remote Control works very well. Recognizes voice commands without any problem. Just press the button with the microphone symbol and say the command. All you have to do is put the USB receiver in the USB port at TV Box. Air mouse works great, makes using the TV Box easier, and works great when playing Fruit Ninja.

Hardware & Performance

At power level the Beelink GT-King thanks to the installed hardware moves the system very smoothly, it is possible to run all Android apps without loss of performance or slowness.

At the power level, it has excellent results thanks to the new SoC Amlogic S922X Hexa Core with 4x ARM Cortex-A73 + 2x A-53 processors and Mali-G52 MP6 GPU. This new SoC is manufactured in 12nm maintains a consumption and temperatures at a good level thanks to its efficiency.

Observing the performance tests we can see how the Sologic Amlogic S922X outperforms models like the powerful RK3399, in general section is only below the SoC of the Nvidia Shield that remains unbeatable after so many years.

A valid processor to run games and emulators at a high level without any problems. This TV-Box integrates a total of 4GB of DDR4 RAM and 64GB of internal storage, has a WiFi MiMo ac adapter, Bluetooth 4.1, Gigabit Ethernet and the operating system running Android 9 Pie in its classic version.


We perform several multimedia playback tests with the Beelink GT-King and verify that it works perfectly using the new SoC Amlogic S922X, which has video output support for HDMI 2.1 that theoretically allows maximum resolution up to 4K @ 75fps with HDR information up to Dolby Vision formats, Advanced HDR10, HDR10 +, HLG, PRIME HDR and support for REC709 / BT2020 profiles.

In the Beelink GT-King model, we have eMMC memory as internal storage, USB 3.0 ports, and SD card reader. In the section of network has a WiFi wireless adapter MiMO 2.4 / 5GHz with Bluetooth 4.1 (AP6356S) and Gigabit Ethernet port. The performance of the Wifi chip is good and we come up with correct figures for this type of adapter.


We connect the Beelink GT-King to the current and start automatically, the logo of the brand appears and the upper eyes light up in green. We arrived at the launcher by default based on the square, it has two customizable side sheets and an icon + where we can add our shortcuts on the main screen.

A pretty basic launcher geared for use with the included remote control although it will be updated soon with a new Beelink design. We can use the Flymouse control microphone to execute searches with Google Search but it is possible to install the Google Assistant to improve the results.

Verdict & Buy

Beelink GT-King is undoubtedly one of the most powerful Android TV Boxes currently available on the market. It copes great with 4K video playback and works very well in games. Beelink GT-King has great potential, but still requires optimization and improvement of minor bugs in operation. We miss a new UI, faster WiFi, support for Youtube 4K (2160p), Netflix HD, and HBO Go.

The Beelink GT-King with Android 9 Pie behaves well as a video player, for example with KODI or for powerful games such as PUBG and all kinds of Android apps. The Beelink GT-King is stable and powerful, a model perfectly valid for users seeking power and price adjusted and where the inclusion of a standard flymouse control with microphone is something that is appreciated.

People who don’t know still about Beelink, we highly recommend going Beelink official Website for all details and other products


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