Beelink GTI Review – Windows 10 Mini PC at $529.99 From Geekbuying (Coupon)


Mini PCs are devices that are currently very fashionable, since both f/or home use and for servers, they are very attractive thanks to the advantage of saving space. The Beelink GTI (8/512) – (16/512) is a mini PC that offers everything you need to turn your television into a multimedia station where you can listen to music, watch videos or surf the Internet just like a computer.

Product Price Coupon
Beelink GTI – (8GB/256GB) $529.99 54ON6E44
Beelink GTI – (8GB/512GB) $566.99 54ON3JG0
Beelink GTI – (16GB/512GB) $589.99 54ON1SRY


The overall The Beelink GTI MINI PC design is simple, using an integrated aluminium CNC process, seamless without screws, a large number of heat dissipation holes on the tail and sides. And a fingerprint recognition is also provided in the lower right corner of the top. The size is 16.80 x 12.00 x 3.90 cm, which can be laid on the back or VESA wall behind the monitor. On the upper side of the chassis, we find a gadget, which we can meet more and more often on notebooks. But in the case of mini PCs, I appear very rarely. This is a fingerprint reader that, in combination with the Windows Hello service. Allows you to quickly log in to the operating system. However, thanks to the included software, this biometric data can also be used to log in to applications or secure sensitive files.


The Beelink GTI is a powerful Windows 10 mini PC with entertainment, gaming, and productivity features designed for both Home and Office use. Whether it’s built to create content or look at photos with 4K UHD graphics for picture-perfect entertainment, the GTI Mini PC gives great visual immersion with Intel® UHD Graphics 620 and the unprecedented performance of the Intel® Core™ i5-8260U processor.

Compact in size though, it has room for a 2.5″ HDD and Dual memory Channels expandable to 64 GB maximum, performance improved dramatically in media loading, opening large media files and completing daily tasks. The Beelink GTI comes with 8GB/16GB DDR4 memory options and you are also able to to pick from the 256GB/512GB SSD storage variant. Whether editing photos, streaming media, or setting up a Server, the GTI Mini PC will deliver the features you want—in a size that fits easily into any lifestyle and any room in the house.

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The Beelink GTI has chassis that are connectivity powerhouses. It sports 6 USB 3.0 ports to bolster productivity for moving big media files around and providing room for peripherals. Moreover, there’s room for an M.2 SSD, Type-C, 2 LAN, an HDMI* 1.4b for 4K@30Hz and a DP 1.2 for 4K@60Hz displays. With the ability to have triple displays all in 4K, photos, videos, and streaming media are all picture-perfect.


The impressive Beelink GTI (8/512) – (16/512) MINI PC can run Windows 10 comfortably, has Intel® Core™ i5-8260U CPU; 8GB/16GB DDR4 RAM, 256GB/512GB SSD Storage for extra capacity, 4K content processing/playback capability at 60fps; and we found it available on Geekbuying at Lowest Price.

Product Price Coupon
Beelink GTI – (8GB/256GB) $529.99 54ON6E44
Beelink GTI – (8GB/512GB) $566.99 54ON3JG0
GTI – (16GB/512GB) $589.99 54ON1SRY


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