Beelink L55 Review: A Professional Mini PC Comes With Intel Core i3-5005U


The Beelink L55 is yet another evolution of the brand around the MiniPC concept. Still stuck by the Gemini Lake processor shortages, the brand has turned to Core Broadwell solutions that are quite old but still powerful. The Beelink L55 is an interesting solution that has just appeared in the catalog of the brand.

The idea is to offer a machine with great technical skills by its basic features but especially to add two Ethernet ports, which can enable it to become a gateway for multiple users within a network. Today we represent a Full review of Beelink L55, so let’s check it out:

Technical Specifications OF Beelink L55:
  • Brand: Beelink
  • Type: Mini PC
  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • Core: Core-i3-5005U
  • Core: Quad-Core
  • GPU: Intel HD Graphics 5500
  • RAM: 8GB
  • RAM Type: DDR3L
  • Maximum External Capacity: 2TB
  • Color: Black5G WiFi: Yes
  • WIFI: 802.11a / b / g / n / ac, Dual WiFi WiFi 2.4GHz / 5GHz, Dual Wireless
  • Multimedia Antenna Formats Supports: Bluetooth4.0
  • Power Supply:
  • USB Charge Adapter: 3.5mm Audio, DC Power Port, DP, HDMI, LAN, USB2.0, USB3.0
  • Support DVD: No
  • HDMI Version: 1.4
  • Other Features: ISO File, Other
  • HDMI Function: HDCP
  • Power Consumption: 10W
  • Speed ​​of RJ45 Port: 1000 Mbps
  • System Bit: 64bit
  • WiFi Chip: Intel 3165
  • System Activation: Yes
  • Power Supply Type: External Power Adapter Power
  • Adapter Input Mode : 100-240V / 50-60Hz


Beelink L55 Mini PC has got dimensions of 5.04 x 4.96 x 1.81 inches and it weighs only 0.2790 kg. Beelink L55 Mini PC features a lot of contents in its package. You can find Mini PC, HDMI cable, power adapter, bracket, hard disk screws, after-sales card, and English manual. On the front, we have a status LED on the rubber ignition button, two USB 3.0 ports, and an audio jack. In the back we have the other connectors where stands out the double DP 1.2 with support 4K60fps and the HDMI 1.4 port that allows us to connect two monitors at once, we also have two Gigabit Ethernet connectors.

The body of Beelink L55 Mini PC is made of metal on all sides except the upper one which is made of plastic with a glossy finish. All this gives the device high strength and sturdiness but also an elegant appearance, so much so that it can be placed in plain sight on a desk or in the living room furniture as a piece of furniture. But be careful not to touch it too much on the aforesaid plastic part because the fingerprints remain impressed very easily, unfortunately!

In the sales package there are also two HDMI cables: one 80 cm long and the other, designed for when the device is mounted on the back of the TV or monitor, of 28 cm. There are also screws for the attachment of the VESA support and those for attaching any secondary hard disk in the cover (on the inner side), and obviously, there is no lack of a power supply, with a plug and a cable of 120 cm, 12V.

Hardware & Performance

The base is solid, the Intel Core i3-5005U is certainly quite old, it is a Broadwell generation chip released in 2015 that offers two cores and four threads clocked at 2 GHz with 3 MB cache and running in a TDP of 15 watts. This last element having surely guided, with the availability and the price, the choice of the brand to equip this small PC. The graphic part is entrusted to an HD Graphics 5500 circuit with 23 EU clocked from 300 to 850 MHz. Not a lightning war in 3D but it’s probably not the goal here.

With 8 GB of RAM in DDR3L and 256 GB of SSD in M.2 format, the machine offers great possibilities of use. Especially since this SSD will evolve easily and it will be possible to add a second storage format SATA 3 in 2.5 “. With this combination, one can imagine multiple uses extended by the presence of a double Ethernet bridge. The machine can, therefore, address two different networks in Gigabit or serve as a gateway for data traffic. The support of a Wake On Lan function also increases the use of the machine since it will be possible to leave it out of reach and wake it up if necessary.

As for gaming on the Beelink L55, we played League of Legends and Dota 2 games. LoL could run at 50 fps while at Dota 2 games achieved an average of 40 fps. In the video segment it should be said that Beelink puts a graphics card that supports VPU, HEVC codecs for basic VP9, ​​and 10-bit color video and HDR support for its L55 model (HDR, however, only supports basic color quality, given that the device no HDR with native support). All in all, multimedia is about this mini-computer is ideal for use with CODE or some other similar tools.


We start the Beelink L55 by pressing the front button of the box and as indicated by the specifications we have Windows 10 Homeo 64bit correctly activated. We check the list of devices and note that all have their drivers installed correctly and the system works without a problem.

The rest of the connectivity is very complete: in front, we discover two USB 3.0 ports including a SuperCharge format to quickly replace a smartphone. A 3.5 mm audio jack with a microphone input and headphone output is also present. At the back, there are therefore two Ethernet ports, two other USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0, all in Type-A format.

An HDMI video output is available as well as a DisplayPort to connect two screens. Power is supplied by a standard 19-volt, 3-amps power supply unit. Also, there is an active cooling system, like a laptop. The system is made entirely of copper. It consists of heat pipes, radiator, and a small cooler. Of course, the aluminum radiator case for heat removal would fit better, but then the price of a mini PC would be higher.

Verdict & Buy

As we had the chance to see the Beelink L55 is a handy mini-computer in pocket format. It is emphasized by its compactness and the ability to increase internal memory. This small computer can be used without a doubt for “desktop” needs, browsing the web, or launching non-volatile applications. The small Beelink J45 has a fan that keeps the temperature within normal limits and works quite quietly. When using the internet, the Wi-Fi AC adapter behaves very well and we did not have any problems with the connections. The device is also compatible with Linux operating system versions. The L55 has several slots and dual HDMI, which makes it possible to connect two monitors at the same time.

The Beelink L55 has an internal fan that keeps temperatures low, don’t have semi-passive fan system but it is quite silent. At the network usage level, the Wifi AC adapter behaves normally, we have a Gigabit Ethernet adapter and the BIOS of the system is quite complete, it is also compatible with other OS. This mini PC has several USB ports and dual HDMI output to connect two monitors simultaneously.

Beelink L55 Mini PC is a truly versatile device which is suitable for educational, industrial and several other commercial purposes. The high performance of this device along with affordable pricing makes it look within a rich of different kinds of users. It will be boon for corporate and educational institutes which are looking for large monitors and finding an alternative for outdated projectors.

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