Beelink S II: is Mini PC Comes With Intel Gemini Lake N4100, 4GB DDR4 + 64GB ROM| Design, Hardware, Features, Review


When you choose the Windows box for your Mini PC, I usually recommend to manage the price, because cheap players are more of a problem. The risk is the used processor, user interface, and wireless network quality. But with Beelink S Ⅱ Mini PC You have to change your recommendation. At a very low price, it includes everything you need to be satisfied.


In the case of the device itself we can talk about a very compact version. Its square base consists of 16.00cm long sides, with a height of only 3.20cm. Nevertheless, its inputs are appropriately spaced and easily accessible. On the left side, the first is the output for power, the USB port, HDMI out, LAN and digital audio output (SPDIF). Another USB port is on the left and next to it is a microSD card reader. Only the white LED is on the front, which lights when the device is switched on.


Beelink S Ⅱ Mini PC is the first piece to offer today’s Amelic S912 processor, which can decode all modern codecs, including H.265 10-bit, so the UHD 4K resolution of 60fps and HDR will not be lost. It has 4GB of RAM, 64GB internal memory, Mali-T820MP3 graphics and very decent connectivity including Gigabit LAN, dual band ac Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 or HDMI 2.0a.


Wi-Fi playback is therefore sensitive to signal strength. Wi-Fi supports both 2.4 and 5 GHz, and even with a good signal. It is therefore better to play content in SD resolution or up to 720p over the wireless network. Fortunately, LAN rescues and confirms that you better tighten the power cord to your TV. If you do not have the cable directly from the router, powerline adapters mean a reliable solution. With the player you get just a simple remote control, so you will afraid of what the user environment would look like. With a powerful 4K media player supports 4K 60Hz UD2.0a and composite output and supports the maximum HEVC 4k 10 bit at 60Hz. If the WIFI passage is weaker, you have a 1000M LAN connection option that will improve net speed and performance to a large extent. Mini TV with H. 265 and VP9-10 Profile-2 decoding will offer you a picture of high-quality photos and high-resolution movies.

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Turbo 3D Noise Reduction filter for high quality entertainment. Beelink S Ⅱ Mini PC is now available on Gearbest just at $189.89.


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