Best 3 iPhone Hacker You Can’t Miss


Unlike Android, finding the best iPhone hacking apps is difficult. The main reason is the praiseworthy security associated with the iOS platform. For instance, it is impossible to share hacking apps in the App Store.

Installing such apps requires jailbreaking the target iPhone. However, this has not diminished the desire to develop effective and reliable iPhone hacking apps. 

Various iPhone hacking apps deliver without installation on the target device. Some of these are very versatile and effective allowing users to hack and track the target iPhone remotely.

The best iPhone hacker should not require installation. This eliminates the need for technical know-how. In this article, we highlight the best 3 iPhone hackers available today.

Part 1: Spyic – The most advanced iPhone hacker

Among the most reliable and effective iPhone hackers, Spyic has established itself as king. The app lets you hack iPhones and other smartphones running on Android. It is trusted and used by millions of users across the world.

Spyic popularity has attracted the attention of major media outlets like Forbes. The app has received one of the highest customer approval ratings of any iPhone hacking app around. It has a customer approval rating of 96%.

If you are looking for highly developed hacking apps for iPhone, Spyic is the best bet. It comes with very advanced iPhone hacking features and remote hacking capabilities.

1.1 Remarkable Spyic features

Spyic is equipped with over 35 iPhone hacking features. Some of the features are truly remarkable.

  1. Hack everything on iPhone in secret

All the operations of Spyic take place in stealth mode. Spyic’s iPhone hacking activities are undetectable. The feature is great for gathering evidence of malpractice without the target user realizing it.

The app does not require installation on the target iPhone. This makes it even harder for the target to suspect they have been hacked. The app uses very little system resources to ensure it doesn’t interfere with phone performance.

Its surveillance activities take place in the iCloud backup so it uses negligible battery power on the target iPhone. The app can all installed apps including social media apps.

Above all, all the hacking and surveillance activities take place remotely. Spyic allows its users to log in to their Spyic dashboard using any web browser.

  1. Hack iPhone call logs

The app lets you hack all incoming and outgoing calls on the target iPhone. Also, it gives access to call history. Since it can access the contacts on the target, Spyic lets know who your target has been in contact with.

Besides, it lets you access the frequently contacted number on the target. The app will even let you know the duration for each call on the target iPhone.

  1. Hack Multimedia files

Spyic lets you hack iPhone granting you access to all shared multimedia files on the target. Your target will be unable to hide any videos or images shared on all social media apps from you.

Even documents on the target iPhone will be visible. What’s more, the target will not get a whiff of what is happening in the background.

  1. No jailbreaking required

Spyic uses cutting-edge technology to deliver unparalleled hacking and surveillance capabilities. To overcome the challenge of jailbreaking target iPhone, Spyic developers eradicated the installation of the app altogether.

The app only needs the iCloud credentials of the target iPhone.

Using Spyic to hack iPhone

To hack an iPhone using Spyic takes a few steps.

Step 1: Sign up for a Spyic account. Visit the official Spyic website. Also, make sure you subscribe to a plan that suits your hacking needs.

Step 2: Setup the target iPhone. After subscribing to a suitable plan, you

will get an email. Click on the Start Monitoring link to access the Control


Provide the target iPhone name.

Also, you will be required to provide the age of the target and choose the

phone OS ‘iOS(iCloud)’.

Step 3: Now, provide the iCloud credentials of the target iPhone and

verify them.

Step 4: Choose the target iPhone you want to hack

Step 5: After successful configuration of the target iPhone, you will be

requested to click ‘Start’ button

Step 6: Next, log in to your Spyic dashboard. On the dashboard, scroll on

the left panel to access what you want to hack.

Here, you will have access to virtually every aspect of the target iPhone. Navigate to any tab to hack and spy on your target remotely.

Part 2: Cocospy

Cocospy is a great iPhone hacker that lets you hack any iPhone remotely. The app is also compatible with iPads, tablets and Android phones. Like Spyic, Cocospy is a reputable app trusted by millions of users.

Also, the app doesn’t require jailbreaking the target iPhone to hack it. Similar to Spyic, it only requires iCloud credentials of the target iPhone. This is a true spy app since it does attract the attention of its target.

The app supports remote hacking of the target via any web browser. It also boasts of a keylogger feature that lets you captures all keystrokes on the target iPhone.

With Cocospy, you can hack any installed app and track its activities and location. Nothing the target can do can deter you from accessing all their activities on the iPhone.

So, the app ensures you have access to anything you want on the target iPhone. Above all, these hacking and accessing information on the target takes place in real-time.

Part 3: SpyBubble

This is a decent iPhone hacking app. It comes with impressive features that let users hack call log, SMS, multimedia files and GPS location.

In spite of these features, SpyBubble lacks advanced features such as social media and keylogger feature. To hack Facebook in SpyBubble is difficult. Also, the app uses a lot of resources.

Thus, the target may start suspecting that something is taking place. Interference with phone performance may make the target realize that something is wrong.

So, SpyBubble is not as stealth as Spyic in its iPhone hacking operations.


A reliable and trustworthy iPhone hacker must be able to hack the target without causing alarm to the target. Although many apps claim to deliver such capability, only a handful can deliver.

Spyic has set itself apart as one of the most reliable and advanced iPhone hackers. Its popularity and reliability have earned it a top spot in this article. If you are looking for an effective iPhone hacker, you can’t go wrong with Spyic.


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