Best 3D Printer Brand Survey


It is now a knwn fact that the use of 3D printers has proven to be a faster tool to hasten 3D printing jobs. However, there are a lot of brands known to be top manufacturers of durable 3D printers with features to facilitate 3D printing. In today’s day to day activities in school labs, personal labs and so many other usage scenarios, 3D printers are taking over.

Although whenever a 3D printer is to b purchased, there are some things that needs to be put under consideration. On the other hand, those who already have the specification of the next 3D printer they wish to purchase can go ahead to do so. Below are vital things to consider before purchasing a 3D printer.

  • The Buid Material: This is probably the first thing to consider as most 3D printer on the market today is built with ABS and PLA. According to a few back ups, the best 3D build material should be between materials like PC, PETG, Glass Fiber infused, Carbon fiber infused, Nylon, HIPS, TPU, PVA and the rest of them.
  • The Printer Type: Individuals should know what type of printer they need as there are three (3) obvious types of printers due to experience.

There are other factors to consider before the purchasing of a good 3D Printer. Some brands below are known to be to manufacturer of durable 3D printer. Brands like Ultimaker, Creality 3D, Fusion 3, ExOne, AirWolf, and the rest of others.

Just take a few seconds to review this 3D printer survey to enable you know what brand and particular model to purchase.


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