Best Apps to Increase Your Knowledge: Useful Ideas for Free


Students can easily get lost in the numerous learned concepts and notes. As such, it just makes sense to rely on mobile devices to seek knowledge. It is highly likely that you always have your smartphone or tab with you, meaning it’s possible to study your coursework from anywhere. Knowledge apps bring more convenience while also making the learning process simpler and more enjoyable.

Nowadays, no one has the time to study textbooks for hours or create paper flashcards. Thanks to a wide selection of mobile applications and PC apps, it is now easy to access your coursework material from various platforms anytime, anywhere.

From diverse free learning tools to phone applications that would oblige you to pay some fees, there’re always some reliable tools to aid your learning.

Best Apps for Convenient Learning

This selection of apps will make your education easier, while also adding flexibility to your study timetable:


Whether in high school or you’re a college scholar, you understand that notes are not the only crucial material for your revision. Otherwise, how are you planning to revise for the oncoming papers at the end of the semester? Thanks to this incredible app, students have their material organized and seamless. The tool enhances the material with hyperlinks, lists, or footages.

With the free version, it is possible to synchronize your notes across different devices, find image texts. But Evernote Plus is the bomb as it allows for unlimited syncing at an annual fee of $34.99.


Most learners refer to this learning platform as an online classroom of sorts. Coursera has a range of courses and classroom sessions for you to choose from. Each of these handles specific topics for students to learn from regardless of their level of study. The various classes offer lectures, reading homework, and useful video material. Some of these courses are free, but you may have to pay for others. Once you have finished a class, you earn a certificate of completion.

Coursera stands out thanks to its delightful combination of both traditional and modern learning techniques. The app’s only setback is that it gets buggy at times. But with the vast knowledge base, you may not have to seek assignment help online.

Amazon Kindle

This is among the traditional learning programs and is known for its unlimited number of learning resources. These include reference guides, textbooks, self-help content, and much more. All you have to do is make your purchase and continue reading. The platform is delightfully old-school, but you are most likely to enjoy your experience and affordability since the books are usually relatively cheaper.

Another benefit is that it allows for the storage of a load of learning material in your device as they consume limited space. But if you still don’t fancy the platform, you can always go for almost similar alternatives such as Nook by Barnes and Noble and Google Play Books.

Office Lens

This app is free and is available for iOS and Android. The Microsoft product captures images of pages, receipts, whiteboards, and documents then converts the material into readable text for editing and sharing. The good side of the app is that it can read images even from angles, and it corrects the shadows and glare.


This online service aids student learning thanks to its wide variety of courses that can support your career growth and personal development. Do you want to know how to play with the chords of the guitar? Do you need guidance on how to run your startup? It doesn’t matter your level of experience, every information you may require is covered on the platform, and the knowledge delivered by an industry expert.

Right from the smartphone, students have access to diverse learning material, educative footages, and training. While the app is free to download, you may part with some dollars for every course taken. The price varies with the course you choose.

 Istudiez Pro Legend

This crucial learning tool makes your college life easy and keeps you organized. Whether you use Android or iOS, the app is available for both operating systems and plays an essential role in tracking learner schedules, homework, and grades. Whenever you are uncertain about the specific deadline for your Philosophy essay, just confirm with your iStudiez app.

Provided you have entered the information and scheduled dates, the application takes care of everything else. What’s more, it integrates with other similar accessories (such as Google Calendar). All these, however, attract a small fee. You are expected to pay a one-time charge of $2.99 and $9.99 for the smartphone and computer versions, respectively.

If you are in college, taking traditional classes or studying online, excellence in your examinations requires you to maintain regular studies. Initially, studies involved long library hours, but things have now changed. More apps are established to add convenience and flexibility to the learning process. These apps are ideal if you wish to broaden your coursework acquaintance in simple, exciting ways.


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