Best betting app features to look for


The gambling market is constantly evolving and expanding, expected to peak at $458.93 billion by 2026. This market size comes with hundreds of software developers and companies tapping into the enormous market with several betting apps. These betting apps provide sign-up offers to new users once they open an account and make the first deposit or bet.  There are hundreds of betting apps and picking the right one that suits your preferences can be tough.

When choosing an app, there are some important features to look out for:

Promotions and offers

The main point of betting for most people is to have fun; for some, it’s for the money involved and fun. A good betting app must fulfil its main purpose and come with rewards for users. Rewarding consistent users is also one of the ways bookmakers create a sort of connection with users, ultimately making them loyal customers. Giving rewards also acts as an encouragement for users to keep coming back. Most apps give bonuses and promotions such as free bets, enhanced odds, and VIP privileges.

To enjoy these promotional offers, check to ensure they are available in the desktop version of the betting site since promotional offers can sometimes be limited to only those who download the mobile betting app of a site.

User Interface

An interface is probably the most important thing to look out for when picking a betting app. This is because an interface is designed to ensure an all easy to use and responds automatically. An interface must be appealing to the eyes, and include visuals that are engaging.

Betting manual for Beginners

This important feature assists those new to wagering with all the information needed, such as how to place a bet, when to place a wager, what odds are, how to deposit and withdraw wins, and games with their respective odds, etc. All this information, if provided, gives bettors the feeling of transparency and better credibility for an app.

Players’ statistics and team overview

This feature, although overlooked by the majority of betting apps, offers additional support and hell to users before placing a bet. The statistics of a player such as goals scored, number of assists, playing style etc. An overview of a team’s form, the strength of its defence, attack, centre-back, past record and trophies, etc are all provided by expert sports analysts. This helps bettors compare the technical capacity, performance and achievements of different players and teams, which all give better insight before placing a bet.

Live streaming

One of the ways technology has revolutionised online betting is the ability to watch a game broadcast live in-app. It might not be as exciting as watching an event live, but live streaming is a great way to keep up with all the action, right in the comfort of the room, office, bus ride etc. Live streaming also affords bettors the opportunity to monitor their bets and keep up with scores. Most big betting companies, such as 888Sport, have live streaming available.

Easy navigation

Some sports, such as horse or greyhound racing, sometimes require bettors to place their wagers hurriedly, and at this point, having a betting app that’s all clustered and crowded with numerous display options might get frustrating. This is why getting a betting app that’s clear, uncluttered and easy to work with is essential.  A betting app must have every page neatly organised and easily accessible.

Live betting

Some betting apps also come fitted with a live betting feature, where players have the chance to bet live as a match/game is ongoing. Live betting is one of the reasons mobile betting apps are becoming extremely popular. This feature allows bettors to place wagers on games in play, the opposite of what happened a few years earlier, where bettors could only place bets before the commencement of a game.

Diverse payment methods

To ensure a seamless transaction, ensure to check how many payment options are available on a betting app. An app with a problematic deposit or withdrawal process creates problems with the flow of cash. Check out its payment and withdrawal offers to get the best out of an app. Currently, many betting apps offer PayPal and even Bitcoin deposits.


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