Best Camera for Beginner Vloggers


A vlogging camera is one of the most essential pieces of equipment for YouTubers and vloggers to turn their aspirations of becoming a YouTube sensation into reality.  Video content is as important as the video quality for getting loyal viewers. Purchasing a vlogging camera is the most cost-effective way to create your video content on YouTube or Facebook. 

For newbie vloggers struggling to conquer the ultimate challenge of finding the best vlogging camera is overwhelming to start with. 

For instance, choosing the one that will best reduce background noise or the one that will control settings while capturing exceptional video footage. Good thing some products will help you with all these concerns, and mind you, you do not have to be a camera enthusiast to figure them out! 

If you wanted to revamp your YouTube channel or started your vlogging career, let me show our top choices for the best vlogging cameras suitable for beginners:

Sony ZV-1 – Best Vlogging Camera with a Flip Screen

According to a review from – it is TOP camera for vlogging with a flip screen! 

Also, it is very popular among Youtubers who want to upgrade from their smartphone and beginner point-and-shoot cameras but still want to keep it compact without additional accessories. 

The Sony ZV-1 is the first pocket camera that records 4k 30p video, comes with a built-in three-capsule directional microphone for clear and crisp audio quality in all conditions, and supports a flip screen allowing you to record a selfie video hassle-free. What more interesting is that it comes with a windshield to further improve your audio in outdoor settings. 

Sony designed this camera specifically for content creators with its new camera features a Product Showcase setting which will shoot and focus on close-up objects for product review videos and face priority metering option, which is beneficial for walk-and-talk vlogs.  The Sony ZV-1 is always a recommended choice for vlogging camera for beginners and a functional on-the-go vlogging camera for all types of users.

Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark III – One of the most Popular Cameras for Vlogging

This camera is equipped with a 4.2x zoom lens 24-100mm and an optical image stabilizer making it perfect for any kinds of shooting and lighting conditions. 

The built-in microphone paired with outstanding connectivity and capability to record 4k video footage gives you pristine audio quality and convenient ways to post and stream live on YouTube. 

It also comes with a unique Instagram feature that will allow you to shoot vertical videos and shoot 1080 slow-mo videos at 120p, ideal for post-production edit and enhancements. It is no doubt that Canon Powershot G7 X Mark III is packed with video capabilities that newbie vloggers will appreciate for their first vlogging camera at this price point. 

Canon M50 – Best Mirrorless Camera for Beginners

This camera is the best mirrorless camera for vlogging since it has been developed with vlogging in mind. As a beginner vlogger wanting to upgrade from their smartphone or compact camera, you will be ecstatic with what this camera has to offer. 

You can check out your photos on your phone and share them right after the shoot, for starters. Canon M50  supports an articulated 3-inch touch screen making vlogging easier and comfortable, to begin with. It supports new autofocusing technology, Dual-Pixel CMOS autofocus, that significantly improves the Eye Autofocus and objects tracking feature. You can manually select focus across the frame, resulting in professional video footage. 

Canon M50’s AF system sets in a guide by placing a square over your subject’s face, and the in-camera Digital Image Stabilization ensures steady video quality in handheld shooting conditions. It can shoot 4k/24p video, but with 1.7x crop and contrast-detection, the AF setting option is available in recording 4k videos. It sure is not acceptable for some, but for entry-level vloggers, it is pretty good enough. The Canon M50 has the right features to make it the best mirrorless camera for vlogging for beginners at an affordable price.

Canon Powershot G7 X Mark II – Best Affordable Vlogging camera with a Flip Screen

The pocket-sized Canon vlogging camera with a built-in 24-100mm f/1.8-2.8 lens makes this camera a beast for vloggers. You can put it in your pocket; its built-in lens can instantly come in handy, which means that it will never let you miss a moment, and it has one of the fastest and accurate AF systems. This compact camera performs excellently in all light conditions making it a perfect outdoor vlogging camera. The Canon G7 X Mark II supports a 5-axis Advanced Dynamic IS, allowing you to capture impressive steady videos even at full zoom or on the move. 

Canon’s excellent face-tracking technology and 3’ flip-up screen that will keep your face in sharp focus even on the move makes this one of the best vlogging camera the best camera for selfies. There is no mic nor headphone jack, and you cannot shoot 4k video, but you can capture high-quality video at 1080/60p or 24p for more cinematic footage. 

The controls are easy to navigate, making Mark II relatively beginner-friendly. This is a perfect fit for beginner vlog cameras with tight budget restrictions but loves to make professional-level video quality footage. 

Go Pro Hero 9 – Best Action Camera for Beginners

If you are an adventurous vlogger, you might think about using GoPro cameras for making YouTube videos.

There is no doubt that the ideal camera for you is Go Pro Hero 9. The unique POV that the GoPro brand offers makes it the first choice for extreme, adventurous, and sports vloggers. 

The first striking feature of Hero 9 is its built-in stabilization; the Hypersmooth 3.0 stabilization provides smooth video recording at all types of resolutions and frame rates, and with the TimeWarp 3.0 function, it can produce super-stabilized time-lapse video footages. It can capture 5k videos up to 30fps, 4k videos up to 60fp, full HD videos up to 240fps, and live streaming of Full HD video. 

Another great feature of this waterproof action camera is shooting 4k video at night with the Night Lapse mode option. The Go Pro Hero 9 is a perfect vlogging camera for newbies that love shooting extreme action and sports. 


We hope that you liked our beginner-friendly selections. Honestly, it is not easy to narrow down all the cameras mentioned above with a hugely competitive market out there. But we still tried to make it easy for you to choose your first vlogging camera that meets all your vlogging requirements and demands. 

Confidently, this guide on the best camera for vlogging for beginners might help you pick and choose your best vlogging camera as a piece of crucial equipment to start your vlogging career. Good luck!


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