Best Casino Apps


It is clear to see now that the industry has become heavily saturated with an excellent range of online casinos, leaving customers spoilt for choice. This makes the decision-making process of choosing an online casino app to register with, that little bit more difficult. That is why at, you can see a table of the best ranked casinos, with their welcome bonuses that you can claim as a new customer when you register.

The gambling market has shifted so that now, players are predominantly using their mobile devices to access their casino accounts and play their favourite casino games. This is why it is so important for online casinos to come with a mobile optimised casino site and for software developers to ensure that all of their casino games are also available on smartphones and tablet devices.

Best Casino Apps

Here are some of the best rated casinos that we have found for you. These online casinos have a downloadable casino app which you can find on the app stores of a range of phone software’s. Having these casino apps will give you more immediate access to your casino account and will be more convenient to access, as apposed to logging into your desktop device and finding the casino websites.

Casumo Casino

One of the top-rated online casino apps that we recommend to customers is the Casumo casino app. This is a very well-functioning casino app where you can play an excellent range of casino games. Their casino app has an extremely modern interface and is very aesthetically pleasing. The app is easy to navigate, and you can find your favourite games and bonuses with ease.

The types of casino games that you can experience include slot machines, table games, jackpot slots, live casino games, and more! All of these games are categorised, so that you can find the section of the most popular games, the highest pay out games, the table games and more. The Casumo casino also excels in other areas than just the slot games, there are a range of new customer and existing customer bonuses that you can claim. These bonuses are going to improve your betting experience and hopefully make it more rewarding, as you have more funds to play with. As well as this, the customer support is excellent, they are quick to respond to any questions you may have and will help you efficiently.

The casino app is free to download, and it takes up little storage space, therefore it is even more efficient. The app will download with speed given that you have a stable internet connection. When you download the app, you can then log into your casino account and actually have your login saved to the app, so that you won’t have to re-enter them every time you want to log in. As well as this you can sometimes have your payment details saved, so you can deposit funds and withdraw funds with ease, very beneficial when using methods such as card payments.

Mr Green Casino

Mr Green casino is another massively popular online casino with a great casino app. In the same way as Casumo casino app works, this is a well optimised mobile app which you can download from your local mobile app store. When you head over to the casino app, you are flooded with a long list of casino games for you to experience. The list of casino games that you can play include new games, slots, exclusive games, jackpot games, Vegas slot games, live casino games, table games, virtual sports and also instant win casino games.

Mr Green also offer a range of well rewarding bonuses, it begins with a very inviting welcome bonus and then continues through existing customer bonuses. There are weekly bonuses for you to claim, which are going to help improve your betting experience. Mr Green are one of the most popular online casinos that you can find, there is reason for this popularity, and it is evident when you take a look at their casino app. As well as accessing casino gaming, you can access sports betting at Mr Green, making it easier for you to switch to this form of betting on the same platform instead of finding another betting app.

Betfair Casino

Betfair is a brand that you are probably already familiar with or have heard of at some point. This is because they are one of the most established betting brands in the industry. They provide an excellent range of betting content, for both their casino and sports betting. In fact, they are one of the few betting sites to offer a betting exchange system, which will allow you to receive higher winnings for successful bets, as you are betting against other players and not the bookmaker.

When you head over to the Betfair casino app, you can see that the lay out and structure is similar to those used by other popular casinos. You have a slideshow banner of all the popular bonuses that you can claim, as well as also having a long list of games split into categories and different sections of the casino app for you to check out.

Betfair casino is a very modern casino, which is a big preference of a lot of players. With the advances in new technologies, you can expect a lot of players wanting to paly at casinos just like this one, which takes advantage of these new technologies and implements them in their apps.

Downloading Casino Apps

Downloading a casino app is a very simple process. Not all casinos do have casino apps however, therefore if the casino you want to download, does not cater for an app, then obviously you won’t be able to use that one.

Choose the casino that you want to register with and then head over to your app store and search for the casino app. Once you have found it, download it for free. After it has downloaded, you can log into your account or register an account and then play any of the games that are on the app. It is that simple. You then have very easy and fast access to your casino account and games.

What Makes the Best Casino App?

There are a number of factors that should be taken into consideration prior to registering with a new casino. It can be very difficult to choose a new casino to register with that you feel suits you the best and that is why we need to highlight these factors so that you can consider them when signing up to the best casino app.

  • User Interface – We have mentioned this a lot earlier. The user interface is the usability and the lay out of the casino. This is very important as the casino needs to look appealing and also needs to be very easy to navigate.
  • Casino Games – The selection of casino games that are offered to you are very important, inevitably this is going to play a massive part in whether you are going to be bored or not at that casino. At, you can find an excellent range of casinos that are willing to offer you all of the best and top-rated casino games for you to experience.
  • Bonuses – This plays a massive part in the decision making for some players. Bonuses at casinos can be massively rewarding. They give you free bonus funds or free spins to use on casino games to get a better understanding of them and also allow you to try and land some risk-free wins.
  • Customer Support – A casino needs to have a suitable customer support team in place. If you ever come across an issue and need it sorting, you would hope that it can be dealt with efficiently and quickly, well this is what a good customer support team can do for you. The more customer support methods, the better. Common customer support methods include: Email, Live Chat, Telephone and FAQs.
  • Security – All of the casinos that you register with need to be licensed under some sort of gambling commission. You can find where it is registered by checking the certificate at the bottom of the casino or reading the terms and conditions. The commissions ensure the safety of you and ensure the casino is fair.
  • Payment Methods – As technology is advancing, more online payment methods are being created, so much so that it is getting difficult for casinos to catch up with the amount of payment methods that are available now. So, casinos shorten their payment method list down to the ones that they want to include. Before registering with a casino, make sure that they have the payment methods that you want to use.



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