Best Mobile Games to Play with Friends


Playing games solo is fun, but it’s a blast in the company of others. Thanks to mobile apps, people can now play games with their friends whenever they want.

Play on the Go

Nowadays, it seems like getting together with friends happens once in a blue moon. However, with the help of technology, it’s easy to stay connected. While social media apps like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook have their uses, online games are often a much more enjoyable way to stay connected.

Mobile games are becoming more popular than ever. Some phone companies have even started creating mobile phones dedicated to gaming, like the Black Shark 5 Series Gaming Phone. With the growing enthusiasm for mobile games, people will have more options for playing while connecting with friends.

Here are some of the most popular games best played with friends.

Scrabble GO

When most people think of Scrabble, they think of playing with old wooden pieces on a game board full of stars. While it’s a great game to play in real life, Scrabble is also a favourite online.

What makes Scrabble so much fun is how the game changes depending on who’s playing. Every opponent has a different playing style. Some might choose common, everyday words. Others might peek at a dictionary and see what bizarre word choices they can use. It’s certainly a game where people can show their creativity and wit.


While Scrabble is about collaboration, poker highlights the spirit of competition among friends. Analytical thinkers play poker exceptionally well because they can use probability to develop strategies.

As popular as the game is, few people understand poker rules, since it’s usually the professionals holding the cards. In those iconic film scenes in the likes of Casino Royale and Ocean’s Eleven, the game seems a bit intimidating with all that jargon.

Luckily, playing with friends is much more fun than playing against James Bond villains like Le Chiffre. Several poker apps show players the possible plays they can make when they’re stuck or unsure what to do next. On top of that, watching how other friends play helps new players understand strategy.

Like Scrabble, everyone has a different way of playing poker. Whatever way people choose to play, poker encourages players to make creative decisions to win. It’s a fun challenge for everyone involved.


While Scrabble and poker challenge players to think creatively and strategically, trivia-style games like Kahoot challenge people’s knowledge.

Kahoot is different from most trivia games because players have to create their own questions. Players can write questions using a multiple-choice or true/false format.

Given this creative freedom, one can only imagine what sorts of crazy questions friends make up. Writing the questions is only part of the fun. When it comes to answering them, the more, the merrier!

To play, players can join the game through a signup code, making it easy and accessible for large groups.


Like Kahoot, Psych! is a trivia game. However, it takes an interesting turn because players must create fake answers to get their opponents off track. The way it works is that the players read a question. Only one answer is correct. Then, players write fake answers and try to convince their opponents their answer is correct.

The fun doesn’t stop there. How a player answers the question affects who will receive the points. For example, if a player chooses the correct answer, that person gets the points. However, if they choose an incorrect answer, the person who wrote it gets the points instead.

Like poker, players sometimes have to call another player’s bluff, Psych! players have to wade through truth and lies to get to the finish line.

Sky: Children of Light

A bit different from the other games on this list, Sky: Children of Light has nothing to do with competition but everything to do with collaboration.

It is a game centred on exploring and experiencing a beautiful world. There’s also some mystery involved, too. Players have to join together to solve mysteries and repair constellations that are missing some of their stars.

Compared to the other games, Sky: Children of Light is based on a narrative, making it entertaining for people who love getting wrapped up in a good story.

Wrapping Up

Mobile games come in various shapes and sizes. Card and board games, like poker and Scrabble, appear simple but challenge the mind to think a few steps ahead.

On the other hand, trivia-style games test the intellect or the ability to sift through truth and lies. Finally, some games focus on working together, like Sky: Children of Light, to win.


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