Best Tools for Convert PDF to DOC Files on your Smartphone


Are you looking for some easy to use and friendly tools for converting PDF files into DOC file format? Do you want to know how to convert PDF to DOC? If yes, then don’t miss reading our guide below, where we have discussed a list of best tools for easily converting PDF to DOC files on your smartphone.

Some business owners are likely fond of handling their small business tasks on smartphones during travel time. Therefore, by exploring their smartphone, you will find countless apps and file formatting tools for easy usage.

If you are on travel and you want to convert PDF to DOC files quickly, then we are here to help you! Let’s dive into discussing the best tools to convert PDF to DOC files on your smartphone.

  1. Adobe Acrobat

On the top of the list, we have Adobe Acrobat, a top leading tool for converting any PDF file into DOC format. Not just DOC, but you can look for various other conversion formats at your ease for quick and hassle-free conversion.

The interface and functionality of Adobe Acrobat are beginner-friendly. Just upload the PDF file, click the DOC option from the conversion list, and that’s all!

  1. WPS Converter of PDF to Word

Popular known for the easy office suites, WPS has just newly introduced some new tools for converting PDF in various file formats. If you want to quickly convert your PDF file into DOC format, choosing this tool is the best option for you.

It is extremely easy to use. Along with android, this tool is also compatible with Windows XP, 8, 8.1, 10 and 7. The functioning of the whole program is smooth where it preserves the images with high-quality convert performance.

WPS allows you to convert your PDF file in the formats of Native DOC, MS Word DOC, RTF, and so many more. Upload the file, and you are done with it!


How can we miss mentioning the name of This tool is a top recommended platform for the easy conversion of files into different formats. The best thing about this tool is its smooth operation and availability of more than 50 formats.

In addition, this tool is free to use and is compatible not just with PC systems but also with your android phone. Just upload the file and click the convert option! That’s it! is compatible with all platforms and browsers. It allows you to connect, convert, split or rotate the PDF files without installing or downloading any program.

  1. Nitro

Nitro tool is a famous desktop app which is also known as Nitro App. This tool to convert PDF to DOC is an excellent alternative to Adobe Acrobat, having similar features.

With the help of the Nitro Pro tool, a user can convert the file, create, scan, edit or sign the PDF files. It has a user interface that is simple and intuitive. Upload the file, and you are done with it. Once the PDF file is converted, it is directly mailed to the provided email address.

Nitro tool is available in both free and paid versions with some upgraded features. But it has some limitations in the file conversion, which is a major drawback. The uploaded file should be 5MB with a maximum of 50 pages per file.


We hope that you will find your tool search mission a lot easier with this guide because we have recommended you with the friendly and easy-to-use tools list above. Pick the one which suits your file requirements and is reliable in convert operation.


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