Best VoIP Phone Providers in 2021


VoIP has played a vital role for many organizations, especially in the current situation of a pandemic. It is making the communication process easier for them. Not only the organizations, but also it has excellent use in residential point of view. By using VoIP service, you don’t remain limited to make calls like physical phone lines. Connecting your VoIP phones and having the communication through the internet allows you to make unlimited calls and asks you to only pay for the internet instead of paying according to the number of calls made. Some VoIP service providers provide you with some quality features and services of VoIP. Just have a look at it and select according to your requirement which suits you best.

Ring Central

Using the services of ring central allows you to work from home without any disturbances. The features provided by ring central includes instant messaging, unlimited video conferencing and many more. Multiple features are being offered by ring central, and that too without extra cost, unlike many other providers who ask to pay you the additional charges.

Other than this, if you have any service issue, you can contact the ring central customer service team anytime. They are available 24/7 via chat or phone call during business hours.


Ooma is another affordable and scalable VoIP service for home-based work. Ooma, i-e is offering two plans. Ooma Office and Ooma Pro. For making use of Ooma services, you can use your office phones while working from home. Also, the desktop app can be used as well. A drawback that Ooma has is the feature of video conferencing. Ooma offers video conferencing only through the office pro plan; otherwise, you need to use your phone service to make video calls.


Nextiva is also one of the best VoIP service providers. It is considered the best because of its flexible pricing over multiple features offered by them. Its mobile app and desktop app make it easy for the users to make calls even if all those callers are working from different locations. Nextiva is offering multiple features. These features are provided through three other pricing packages. The packages include Essential package, Professional Package, Enterprise Package.


According to our research, 4Com is the healthiest service provider with a fast-growing rate of customers having more than 15,000 customers. Considering the google reviews of this company, 4Com has a customer score of 4.7 out of 5.0. 4Com provides you with different hosted VoIP options having video conferencing and easy plug-and-play installation features. Benefits you will get from 4Com are as follows:

  • Report Generation
  • Call Recordings
  • Auto-attendant feature (IVR)
  • Easily installed
  • You can use it for any business size.

VoIP Business

Another one of the best VoIP providing services is VoIP Business. It is working and providing services all over the UK. Its different features include IVR, Video Conferencing, Call Recordings, etc. VoIP Business offers three other packages. You can buy those different packages at affordable prices. As well as, some of them includes free of cost service as well. To book your plans and know more about VoIP Business services and free VoIP number UK, you can visit the site anytime and book your project according to your need from there.


It had started its services in 2011, and since its state, Berry has won many awards and customers’ trust with its highly appreciable reviews. The best thing about Berry’s is that its cloud-based system is fully customizable. You can make changes to it according to your need while your business evolves. It includes the inclusion or exclusion of the users. Some other handy features provided by Berry are:

  • Personal Account Manager
  • Highly Scalable
  • Can handle different challenges faced by businesses in the UK
  • Simple interface which smartphones and web apps can use as well

Discussed above are some of the best VoIP providers that you can find all over the UK. Every service provider has its reliability depending upon the quality of the features and the prices they offer. You can go through detailed features and pricing plans on these service providers’ official websites and select which suits you the best.



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