Best VPN Apps for Deep Web Browsing


A deep web is a network, related to the WWW (World Wide Web). You can access it with Project Freenet or another anonymous network like Tor. There are various different Deepness. Most people prefer the deep web to access services, contents and products which are not accessible at their surface web or visible web. The surface web means the visible search engines like Google and Yahoo where you can find only the limited information. In the deep web, you can get unlimited information, products, and any illegal services. That would be videos, music, books which are censored or forbidden in their country. It is also used to buy drugs, illegal items, and software.

There are many law intelligence agencies worldwide which are trying their best to identify users on the deep web and darknet. Tracking the user of the Deep web is not an easy task and it is the main challenge for the security agencies. If you are planning to publish information online then make sure you are using TOR to access the censored content for sure. It would be better for you to use a VPN and tunnel your deep web traffic through the VPN (Virtual private network). By doing this, your ISP would not be able to see your web history on the deep web.

A virtual private network is an additional layer of high security for you from the government and police. It would save you from getting caught so that you can easily access the deep web. So, protect yourself and take care at the time of accessing the Dark Web and Deep web. In this article, you would come to know about the best VPN application for deep web browsing. Let’s go through them one by one;


NordVPN would help you in remaining anonymous and does not keep logs. Logs may exposure online and trigger data breaches. It is P2P friendly VPN service and also supports Bitcoin. They are located in Panama and it would easier for your privacy to be improved. The legalization is great and there are no strict rules like US. Bitcoin is accepted and it allows users to remain anonymous totally.

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It operates from the British Virgin Islands. It can save you from the data retention laws. DMCA never change their commitment to privacy and also there is no sensitive information available. They do not have enough information which shows a user of theirs. There are no logs and no control over traffic. Bitcoin is also accepted here and it helps in maintaining anonymity.


It is located in the USA and this would not make it any less safe and secure as a VPN choice. This tier 1 VPN network has full control over all the VPN servers. They accept the anonymous payment method which is Bitcoins. They do not keep any logs and you do not have to worry about anything. It allows you to surf the web without any problem.


It operates in the USA, but they handle privacy very seriously. So, it means that they would relocate if it is required due to the data retention laws. They do not have any logs which are helpful for all the users. You should understand that the OpenVPN is the chosen security protocol and it would help you out easily. It is the most vital option for you on the web. Torguard is highly skilled and professional in keeping your web activities totally hidden and others do not have the right to access it.

Perfect Privacy

Perfect privacy includes a network of servers and uses New Zealand as the main headquarter. There would be no logs stored in any way and no risk would be involved. They are highly committed not to disclose your personal information even if the company is at risk. You can easily maintain your privacy for doing deep web browsing. You would never get caught and your web history would remain anonymous. The company would take the guarantee of not disclosing your identity under any circumstances and it shows how much serious they are for their work.

The Verdict

At last, you should use the above-mentioned VPN application for the deep web browsing to remain hidden. If you are planning to experiment with communication online and new sources of information, then you should not be afraid of doing it. They handle various types of protocols and they do not keep or monitor any logs. There would be no data stored and they do not have anything to give even if they get a request from others. It shows that your online activity is protected and nobody can track it. Next time, if you are accessing the content on the deep web, then you should not bother about your identity and anonymity as it would be maintained my VPN applications.


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