Betting Bookmakers become more and more Mobile


Here is something you probably experience often. When you visit your favorite betting website, a message pops up urging you to place bets on the bookie’s mobile app. The website runs smoothly on your desktop. So, do you need to install a mobile app?

The whole online betting industry is affected by this trend. Every bookie wants you to download their app or experience their services on the mobile. But why?

You Love your Smartphone

How many times do you use your smartphone on a daily basis? Two hours? Five hours? Even if you use your mobile device for just 30 minutes per day, they’re enough to check daily sports odds and wager on your preferred team.

If you spend more than two hours on your smartphone, you make a good case of why bookmakers are always pushing you to download their apps. Unlike desktop users, you’re more likely to bet daily if you have a betting app on your phone.

Apps are more Accessible

Because you love your smartphone so much that you carry it wherever you go, bookmakers want to ensure their app is installed on your device. That way, you can check out their odds and wager on games any time you want.

Fifteen years ago, laptops were more convenient and easier to access than desktops. Even today, you find people glaring at their laptops at coffee shops. And while they’re light and portable, they’re still not as convenient as mobile devices.

There is virtually no place where you can’t use your phone. At the parks or inside restaurants, at the comfort of your bed or in the bathroom—if you’re feeling like betting, compare the mobile betting apps reviewed at and join one of them.

Apps can be personalized

This is meant to benefit both the bookmaker and users. With apps, betting firms receive comprehensive information about your likes and dislikes. They can see your favorite teams and preferred types of bets. With this data, they can easily customize their platform for you.

Fans love apps that are personalized to suit their needs and tend to be loyal to them. Of course, this also means more people will use their customized app for betting, helping the bookmaker increase their profits in the long run.

The online betting industry is also highly competitive these days. Any company that wants to stay relevant for long has no choice but to have good apps. Apps that crash, lag or distract punters with adds are uninstalled almost immediately.

To Impress Google

Apps are the only tools bookmakers use to attract sports bettors. While most mobile users spend 90% of their time on apps and only 10% on the web, bookies aren’t taking any chances. They not only build apps for the 90% but also have web apps.

Unfortunately, Google favors the best web apps. Any bookmaker that wants to be ranked high by Google must make a truly impressive web app. So, in addition to the stiff competition out there and the sheer will to personalize apps, bookmakers are also pressured by Google to do it.

Mobile responsible websites fit on mobile screen seamlessly. They load incredibly fast and are responsive to clicks instantly. The font sizes are comfortable for the eyes and the graphics are visually impressive. Google uses algorithms to determine which sites are more mobile-friendly than others.

Apps are easier to Share

Bookmakers are always looking for ways to reach out to new customers. And because advertising isn’t always affordable, they constantly encourage customers to share their sites and apps to new players. Of course, most people need to be motivated to do things in life, which is why betting firms go to the extent of paying customers to share their platforms.

You could get €10 if you convince your friend to join the platform and bet €10 for the first time. Some bookies are more generous and give you multiple free bets. Either way, mobile apps are easier to share than websites.

Mobile Gaming is the Future

Mobile devices have been upselling desktop computers since 2014. And with each year that passes by, the gaps keep widening. People are purchasing smartphones and tablets at much higher rates than they do for laptops. What this means is that more and more people will become reliant on their device for everything.

It’s already happening. 65% of all online searches in 2018 were done using mobile devices. In some countries, nine out of 10 people access the Internet using their mobile devices. Surprisingly, not every company has grasped the benefits of mobile apps.

According to stats, nearly half of bookmakers don’t have mobile apps. A significantly high number of betting apps are also unresponsive. There are companies out there are simply build apps to look cool. But being who they’re; betting fans remove unresponsive apps within 30 minutes of installing them.

To Foster a Good Reputation

Most business-minded bookmakers know the best way to gain many customers is to impress you. And what better way is there to do that than to offer great services? If you’re like most people, you can spot the difference between a good and a bad website. You know when an app is smooth and when it’s frustrating and time wasting.

People love using good apps and websites and will always recommend them to friends. Of course, this also includes in-app services like odds, game variety, customer services, and live betting. Some companies build good apps but neglect the service aspect of their companies.

No one will be loyal to a betting app simply because it’s beautiful. Punters also love betting platforms with a lot of games, multiple wagers, and reliable customer services.

To Conclude

Sports betting is a big industry. And like most major online businesses, bookmakers are always following trends to stay modern and relevant. Having good apps and mobile responsive sites are some of the things great bookies do. Fans love good betting apps because they’re easy to use and access. Bookmakers build great apps to impress their customers, to impress Google and foster a good reputation online.


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