BEZIOR M26 Foldable Moped Bicycle For Just €795 (Inclusive of VAT)


Summer is running, so it’s still time to buy a new e-bike, If you want a versatile piece that is also collapsible and boasts great specifications, then look no further, as the Bezior M26 Bicycle meets virtually everything.

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The BEZIOR M26 is foldable so you can fold it up in seconds and easily place it in the trunk of the average car so it can always be with you and serve you great in any location. The construction itself is made of light and solid aluminum alloy that can carry the driver up to 150 kilograms and is available in white and black. Of course, there are several different ways to drive – pure electric, assisted, pure mechanical (pedal), and eco mode. This ebike has an aluminum frame that measures 177 x 82 x 104 cm (weight 25.5 kg) and can be folded (up to 103 x 37 x 104 cm) to be able to hide it in some corner of the garage and carry it more easily in the trunk.


The user will have at his disposal the 100% electric mode, the hybrid mode, and a third that will only work by pedal. It also has a Shimano 7-speed transmission system. There is a front panel on the bike where you can choose these modes and have access to information such as battery level and kilometers traveled, for example. The BEZIOR M26 is a 26-inch electric bike that, at a reasonable price, offers a solid construction accompanied by a long-range of 40KM in electric mode, as well as a speed of up to 30Km/h provided by a Shimano shifter and a folding design for user convenience. Thanks to this, you do not have to worry with this bike that the path on the rocks would be inconvenient for you, for example. The wheel size is 26 ″ and offers quality disc brakes.


Bezior M26 uses 18650 batteries, the same type used in Tesla electric cars. The capacity is 10.4 Ah. In the mode where the e-bike behaves like a mopet, ie assisted pedaling assistance, you can travel up to 80 km, and in the purely electric mode, a maximum of 40 km without pedaling. Charging takes about 4 hours.


If you don’t want to invest a lot of money and are looking for an e-bike that should be easy to transport and used on paved roads and paths, then the Bezior M26 is worth considering.

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Where To Buy

BEZIOR M26 Foldable Moped Bicycle is now available on TOMTOP For Just €795.00 using a Coupon Code: TFBEM26. Free shipping from Poland and Also Inclusive of VAT. Click the following button to order now:

Coupon Code: TFBEM26

Buy BEZIOR M26 on Geekbuying


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