BEZIOR S1 Foldable Electric Moped Scooter For €590.49


Cafago has given 50% off the price of the BEZIOR S1 Foldable Electric Moped Scooter from its regular price of € 1216.99 to a discount price of € 590.49 due to the ongoing flash sale activity on Cafago. Buyers get a free shipping guarantee of BEZIOR S1 Electric Scooter from the Poland warehouse.

In terms of display, this scooter uses a distal type of display that vividly displays riding time, real-time speed, battery life, and other notification gestures on this Scooter. To overpower the dark is a super bright headlight and backlight which is bent on offering a safe ride at night.

As a rugged e-bike, the BEZIOR S1 Electric Scooter comes with two 10- inch tires that are assisted with anti-skid to stable it’s balanced on the ground. This scooter uses a disc brake system to offer a safer and stable riding experience with gallant tires.

BEZIOR S1 Electric Scooter can easily be carried and stored with the help of its foldable structure thereby occupying very little space in your car boot or storage place. With a big 48V/ 13Ah battery, this scooter can cover up to 50km with more than enough ease. To facilitate the workability of the BEZIOR Electric Scooter is a 1000W rear-drive motor that achieves up to 45km/h max speed and 35 degrees max grade ability thereby offering sufficient power output for professional riders.

When purchasing a scooter that you want to use for many years, the build material is something to ascertain. With a high-quality Aluminum alloy frame, the  BEZIOR S1 Electric Scooter is seen to be a durable product to be considered.

Where To Buy:

The BEZIOR S1 Foldable Electric Moped Scooter is currently available for € 590.49 due to the ongoing flash sale activity on Cafago.


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