BEZIOR XF200 Review – 1000W Motor Folding Electric Bike at €1199.99 From TOMTOP


Electric bicycles are a popular and desirable mode of transportation. Thanks to the more powerful construction, they are safer than scooters and at the same time, they are significantly more powerful. Some models reach a maximum speed of 40 km / h and a range of up to 130 kilometers. The BEZIOR XF200 is a mountain bike that combines the sheer power of a 1000 W motor with a really bulky battery. The bike offers a range of up to 100 kilometers on a single charge. The bike does not lack large 20″ wheels or a 27-speed SHIMANO transmission system.


The BEZIOR XF200 does not miss the appointment and allows us to fold it in half, which temporarily reduces its size to 100 x 80 x 50cm (177 x 120 x 90 – 100cm). The weight obviously remains the same, 27 kilograms, that being said, it is relatively light. If we detail the handlebars, we will get an electric start button on the right handlebar, just below the gearbox. Meanwhile, the screen is located on the left handlebar, and objectively we can say that it hardly shows any useful information … it doesn’t even inform us of the current speed, only the engine mode, and power.

BEZIOR XF200 is an electric bike with 20-inch wheels, which is built to circulate on urban routes. As expected, its frame is made from an alloy of aluminum and metal in certain parts; This frame protects the battery in its bosom, protecting it from external elements. And speaking of protection against the elements, this bike has an IP6 resistance rating, which is not a big deal, but we can’t expect much from a non-mountaineer bike. One of the main selling points of electric bikes like this is usually the folding ability to store or transport them in the trunk of the car with ease.

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BEZIOR XF200 bike has everything you need to support; a maximum load of 200 kilograms and climb slopes with a 35 ° incline. In this section, it lags a bit behind the BEZIOR XF200; with which it shares many similarities in design and performance; but the latter definitely takes the lead with its load capacity of 200 kilograms. Undoubtedly we face a powerful electric bike, something that is obvious to the look at your engine 1000W able to reach a top speed of 40KM / H . Obviously, this last data exceeds the legal limit for this type of vehicle; so the most sensible thing to do is keep the 40KM / h limit established by the DGT in place if you live in Europe.

The BEZIOR XF200 comes with an 18,650 48V-15AH lithium battery. It is protected from the elements within the frame and has all the protection you would expect; such as overload, short circuit, and overvoltage. In theory, it offers us a range of 130 kilometers, but that is using the pedaling assistance mode; so we will be making a physical effort to reach that figure. Meanwhile, in fully electric mode it gives us up to 100 kilometers of travel; a disappointing figure when considering the price and range of this bike. In another vein, the battery takes about 4 hours to recharge to 100% of its capacity; which is an acceptable amount of time.


BEZIOR XF200, a 20-inch folding electric bike with a 1000W Motor and that can provide trips of up to 130KM Power-assisted mileage Range; also it is equipped with a Shimano gearbox and a variable speed system, all this and more for a price that rarely exceeds $1500 in most stores, so we can add the affordable factor to your list of virtues. We can buy it from TOMTOP for €1199.99 and Delivered from EU Warehouse with Free Shipping.


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