BigBlue Happy New Year 2022 Promotional Sale


Hurry now, the BigBlue Happy New 2022 promotional sale is coming to an end with 3 days left. This year’s BigBlue promotional sale offered Christmas special coupon code to must-have items from the BigBlue brand. However, there are just five (5) products form the brand going on for low prices and also there are coupon code for slashed prices.

BigBlue’s newly arrived Cellpowa500 power station that comes with an upgraded LiFepo4 battery which offers a 2000+ cycle life (more than 10 years battery life) can still be purchased for $ 329.99 now before the change of price on the next three days. When purchasing this item on BigBlue, insert this Special Christmas coupon code: newyear110.

BigBlue Solarpowa100 ETFE Solar Panel which is fully equipped with a high-end ETFE, UV-resistant EVA and efficient solar cells can be gotten for $159.99 on the BigBlue official website after applying this Special Christmas coupon code: newyear40. The build materials of their solar panels facilities the longer life-span and will not be easily damaged with IP65 water resistance ruggedity.

BigBlue Happy New 2022 promotional sale also added other solar panel model from BigBlue. These models includes; BigBlue 28W SunPower Solar Charger with highly efficient conversion rate up to 21.5 – 23.5% to be sold for $69.99 of which it’s normal price is $99.99 on BigBlue.

There is also the portable 63W BigBlue Solar Charger which has multiple charging abilities, high energy conservation rate, portable power source, and an exclusive smart IC technology  to be bought for $119.99 after applying the $10 off flash sale coupon code: 63w10off.

So hurry now to get any of these marvellous products from BigBlue as the BigBlue Happy New 2022 promotional sale is coming to an end.


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