Bitcoin market crash – Great benefit for the cryptocurrencies!


Bitcoin is a name that is nowadays in everyone’s mind as it has become one the top news in the month of May. You can use Bitcoin wallet if you want to learn bitcoin trading and make profits. Bitcoin reached its top in April, but the next month, it fell drastically, and the pace of its fall was so high that investors didn’t even get a chance to cope up with it. But the crypto crash surely benefitted the cryptocurrency world overall.

Know about the market crash

The cryptocurrency market is highly volatile, and it has given proof of its massive volatility in the past few weeks as the price of bitcoin crashed suddenly. Everyone has a different meaning when it comes to the cryptocurrency market. In the past week, all the media coverage was focusing on the cryptocurrency market, like bitcoin, which is the biggest cryptocurrency, plunged drastically. But despite the damage caused to the crypto market, it is still a positive sign for its future. Cryptocurrency is considered to be the financial system for the future and the havoc created by the Tweets by Elon Musk but this system to the ultimate test for the first time.

Even with so much load and stress, the system worked fine. It is irrefutable that there were some problems, but most of them were minor. The major problem was that most of the crypto platforms were running at their total capacity. The developed have started putting effort sin increase the capacity of these platforms, and they may get some success by the end of this year.

Why the downfall of bitcoin was a win for the crypto world?

To understand why it was a victory for cryptocurrency, you need to understand that the crypto space is separated into two different categories; Centralised and decentralized.

Centralized – The Centralised crypto world is commonly used by most users around the globe. It involves all the cryptocurrency exchanges which are regulated by the government authorities and have a set of rules and regulations that everyone needs to follow. They have an order book and place orders with offers, bids, and everything is done in an organized manner. When the market crashed in May, most of these exchanges were unable to handle the sudden increase in traffic. Some of them crash, whereas few of them faces power outages, unnecessary delays, which affected the customers negatively.

The investors who were using these exchanges had to face a lot of problems. It proved that the centralized crypto world is not fully prepared, and there are several changes that need to be made. As when the situation got hectic is failed miserable, and investors had to bear massive losses, which could be minimized if the system worked perfectly.

Decentralized – But if we talk about the decentralized crypto world, is it the future of crypto trading as it is designed in such a way that the risk of downtime and crash is minimum. Although the customers using these platforms also suffered losses during the bitcoin market crash, they didn’t blame the system. Even between so much confusion and chaos, the system worked fine and didn’t leave the customers helpless during the time of emergency. These platforms don’t use any order books and don’t have any particular set of rules and regulations.

The traders on these platforms use liquidity pools for crypto trading as there are over 72000 liquidity pools. All the pools are controlled by the computer system termed as an automatic market which ensures that there is no human interference while trading on these platforms.

Which sites ran flawlessly during the crypto crash?

One of the most prominent decentralized exchanges worked smoothly even during the crash. This platform allows the users to trade a vast number of cryptos and the best part is that it has no history of any slow service or downtime. Moreover, any of their users have never lost any money because of any issues raised on the platform, such as downtime, slow service, etc. All of these decentralized crypto websites ran without any issue during the market crash. So, all the losses suffered during the massive bitcoin price fluctuations were because of the failure of traditional crypto exchanges. The decentralized finance system offered perfect support to the users and allowed them to make the most out of the fluctuations.


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