Bitcoin Trading Simulators You Can Rely On


Bitcoin is the current trend that is gaining popularity by the pound. It’s popular with some businesses and there are lots of people using and trading with this virtual currency. Bitcoin is a currency that has many benefits which is why more and more people will be getting into Bitcoin trading.

User anonymity is assured with this currency. In other words, you’ll need a username and a password to access your assets. This means no third party has control over them and you’re solely responsible for maintaining them. The password is a private key made up of a few digits that also approves all the transactions you make.

When it comes to the transactions, all you need to make one happen is another user. You can share your public key with that user. As a result, you’ll buy something or swap your Bitcoin for another virtual currency or a fiat currency. This goes to show the versatility of Bitcoin.

But the one benefit that gets a lot of attention is the profit potential. That’s why a lot of people are looking to start trading. If you’re one such individual, then you’ll need to learn the basics first, and you can do so thanks to trading simulators. Here are some of them:

Bitcoin Flip

Besides Bitcoin, Bitcoin Flip focuses on other virtual currencies. Whichever you choose, you’ll get a virtual market as well as a set of tools and charts you’ll need to analyze the market with. In short, you’ll get all the necessary training and have an understanding of the basic skills of trading. If trading seems like too much, then you can always go for an alternative in the form of trading platforms.

Trading platforms like Bitcoin System will do the same thing as any trader. This means it will make decisions based on your input which is why you’ll need to go over the many tutorials and a demo lesson. To get started you’ll need to make an account and a small deposit because you’ll need a budget to start with. Once you go over the training session you’ll understand the platform better and you’ll be able to set it for your first live session. When you’ve gone through that, then you can experiment with the settings and increase your trading budget if you want to.

Bitcoin Hero

This is a trading simulator that focuses on Bitcoin only. Bitcoin Hero will also give you a virtual market to trade in as well as assets with real-time prices. Charts, tools, and resources are also part of the package which is why you’ll be a skilled beginner once you’re done with this game. In other words, it will teach you all about the trade and how you’ll need to adapt to various kinds of situations.

Altcoin Fantasy

The thing about Altcoin Fantasy is that it’s similar to Bitcoin Flip because it focuses on more than one virtual currency. The real-time prices of assets remain as does the virtual market and all the tools and resources you can learn how to trade Bitcoin with. Another interesting thing about this app is the fact that there are competitions for skilled traders. If you happen to be the winner of such a competition then you’ll be rewarded with Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency you prefer.

Other Things to Be Aware Of

Picking the right wallet will make all the difference once you start trading for real. You’ll come across plenty of them online so make sure to do your research before choosing one. You’ll also need to check out several exchanges before you register at one and start trading. By picking the right exchange you increase your chances of being a successful Bitcoin trader.


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