Black Friday: Doogee S70 and S80 Smartphones Take the Opportunity to Lower Prices


Black Friday has already arrived and discounts on DOOGEE smartphones also begun that will continue until November 26th. Discounts up to $80 are offered. Among the models on sale are 2 striking flagship rugged phones with shocking prices of $269.99 for the DOOGEE S70 instead of its retail price $329.9, while you need to pay $379.99 for the DOOGEE S80 instead of its reference price $429.99.

In addition, gifts are offered for the DOOGEE S80: a belt clip, an OTG cable, and an additional antenna. On other devices also applies a big discount to “Black Friday“.

The concept of waterproofing ATM is usually applied to watches. However, it fits the DOOGEE S70 and S80. Their water resistance parameter is 15ATM. So that the smartphone is suitable for surfers, swimming, scuba diving, sailing, water sports. This is the first case of introducing the ATM standard to determine the strength of a smartphone under water. In addition, the DOOGEE S70 can withstand shocks, and the DOOGEE S80 is “made for extreme sports.

DOOGEE S70 attracted the attention of people. DOOGEE S70 is not just an updated rugged phone, it is also a gaming smartphone! The DOOGEE S70 has a corresponding gamepad, which makes the phone more convenient to play. Engineers have developed a special cooling system to ensure uninterrupted operation in games and the absence of overheating.

The DOOGEE S80 is an integration of a digital walkie-talkie and a durable IP68 smartphone. A walkie-talkie is an outdoor communication device that works without the need to use a network and is very useful for people working in areas with problem coverage.

This is especially relevant in the mountains, forests, isolated islands, and desert areas. The operating frequency is 400-480 MHz, the effective distance of the DOOGEE S80 is up to 10km. The case has two speakers for the most convenient communication on the speakerphone.

Its 10080mAh battery is definitely a great battery for your phone. To make recharging more convenient and efficient, the DOOGEE S80 was equipped with a 12V / 2A charger, as well as a wireless charging function. In addition, inside the camera SONY IMX363 12MP. So go to Banggood right now.

In addition to Banggood special prices, DOOGEE also gives the opportunity to win a DOOGEE S70 and DOOGEE S80 by participating in a quiz about the features of both smartphones and entering a valid email.


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