Black Shark 2 Pro Review: A Powerful Gaming Phone With Revolutionary Design


The Black Shark 2 Pro met with us with surprises. The biggest upgrade is, of course, the processor with the Snapdragon 855Plus, the CPU clocked up to 2.96GHz, and the Adreno 640 GPU reached 675MHz. At the same time, in order to meet the needs of players, this Black Shark 2 Pro full product specification is equipped with a large storage configuration of 12GB + 128GB.

In addition, Magic Word, liquid cooling, one-click shark and another black shark mobile phone word-of-mouth function is not absent.

In addition to these, the Black Shark 2 Pro also brings a lot of detail changes. These changes are also the adaptation and adjustment of the black shark to the latest changes in the game market. What is the real performance of the Black Shark 2 Pro? The following are the specific parameters. After reading it, we start with the appearance part.

Design & Appearance

The Black Shark 2 Pro adds a bit of color to the back based on the previous generation of mobile phone design. In the case of this hail ash version in our hands, the increased color will make the symmetrical design more prominent, echoing the breathing lights on both sides of the phone, and the look is no longer monotonous.

The classic “X” sports car back has become the iconic design of the black shark mobile phone. The combination of metal and glass on the back, plus a tough line design and a bumpy back cover, is full of technology.

In addition to the prominent design, the “X” back covers the antenna strip of the phone. Together with the two antennas arranged symmetrically on both sides of the Phone, 4×4 MIMO transmission can be realized. The antenna layout of “X+2” is also specially designed for the game scene. No matter what handheld mode, it will not affect the signal. Transmission, which in turn ensures signal quality during the game.

The black shark 2 Pro has a long frontal body ratio because it uses a 19.5:9 ratio screen and uses asymmetrical design. The advantage is that the player will be more convenient to operate while holding the horizontal screen and avoid it. The special-shaped screen brings out the problem that the front camera and the game screen are incomplete, and it is also easier to connect external devices, such as the black shark’s explosive accessories: the black shark double-wing handle.

The screen size and parameters are the same as the previous generation. The size is 6.39 inches, the resolution is 2340×1080, and the material is Samsung AMOLED. The previously recognized Trueview Display technology has also been retained to automatically adapt display parameters based on factors such as picture content and ambient light. The screen itself also supports 101.3% DCI-P3 color gamut, color deviation

Since the Black Shark 2 Pro uses an AMOLED screen and is used as a gaming phone, DC dimming is essential. Friends familiar with the black shark mobile phone should know that the earliest in the black shark mobile phone Hello, specifically added the image processing chip, which is currently the best solution to solve the problem of low-brightness strobe on the market.

As shown in the figure, compared to another AMOLED screen phone, the advantage of black shark mobile phone DC dimming is obvious. The Black Shark 2 Pro still retains the LOGO breathing light and the LED strips on both sides, and the system provides a wealth of adjustment options.

The accessories of the mobile phone are shown in the figure. In addition to the distribution of the mobile phone case, there is also a “unwilling” to see something: Type-C adapter. In other words, the Black Shark 2 Pro still cancels the 3.5mm headphone jack. Then you can’t charge your phone while using headphones. What about its charging speed and battery life? Here we draw a question mark first and then look at the endurance test.

Finally, the measured bare metal weight was 212 grams, plus about 240 grams after the protective cover. If this is an ordinary mobile phone, I can’t help but spit it out here. But after all, the black shark mobile phone 2 positioning is different, look at the current game mobile phone market, can barely bare metal under two hundred grams, 240 grams of “half a catty brick” we have not seen.

Because the appearance part is not the focus of this Black Shark 2 Pro upgrade, we will briefly describe this section here. In the next chapter, we will experience key features of game phones including Magic Press, Liquid Cooling, and Hand Touch.

Experience骁 855 Plus sweeps thousands of troops! Black shark game mobile phone 2 Pro evaluation: eat chicken for half an hour is not hot

In the game, touch is very important, especially the PUBG, and the touch operation is a world of difference. Apple’s 3D Touch has always been called chicken ribs, but after eating the chicken game fire, people suddenly found that 3D Touch can also dig out so much.

The Magic Press of the Black Shark phone is better than the 3D Touch. It supports left and right partitions, supports functional map mapping customization, and supports pressure threshold five-speed adjustment. These 3D Touches are not available.骁 855 Plus sweeps thousands of troops! Black shark game mobile phone 2 Pro evaluation: eat chicken for half an hour is not hot

As shown in the figure, after the setting is completed, the left thumb is pressed again to open the mirror, and the walking position is controlled; the right thumb is pressed repeatedly to open the fire, and the shooting direction is controlled at the same time.

The four-finger operation is very practical in eating chicken close-range battle scenes, especially when the enemy suddenly encounters and attacks the building. It is decided who can control the position while firing, and let others not hit you at the same time. I used to watch the game anchors playing with the game, with the help of Magic Press, I can easily complete.

For the problem of mobile phone heat dissipation, the black shark mobile phone used the liquid cooling solution. Black Shark 2 Pro follows the previous generation of liquid cooling 3.0: liquid cold plate + liquid cooling tube dual heat conduction design, the heating components on the mobile phone can be fully covered, the heat can be quickly discharged from the body.骁 855 Plus sweeps thousands of troops! Black shark game mobile phone 2 Pro evaluation: eat chicken for half an hour is not hot

At 31 degrees Celsius, we used the Black Shark 2 Pro to play the “Peace Elite” game for half an hour at the highest quality. After half an hour, the maximum temperature on the back of the phone is 42.6 degrees, and the maximum temperature on the front is 41 degrees.

If the students with strict heat requirements can purchase the official accessories: extremely cold chip cooling back clip. The back clip uses a semiconductor wafer material, which is said to reduce the temperature of the whole machine by 5 degrees.

Whether it’s Magic Press or liquid cooling, it’s all about serving the game. In order to more intuitively reflect the game performance of the Black Shark 2 Pro, we use the software to test the game frame rate.

“Glory of the King” even if all the screen setting options are turned to the highest, the Black Shark 2 Pro still manages very calmly, with an average frame rate of 60FPS and an average fluctuation of 0.08FPS. Although 60 frames can be achieved by many mobile phones, the frame rate is almost non-fluctuating, which is rare in our tests.

In the “Elite Elite” test, the limit frame rate (60FPS) was turned on. The final test result was an average frame rate of 59 FPS, and the frame rate fluctuated by 1 FPS. Under the test conditions, the situation was basically the same.

In addition to the gaming performance benefits brought about by the hardware level, collaborative optimization at the software level is also an important part. Black Shark and Tencent and Xishanju have deep cooperation in games, which also reflects the construction of the black shark in the game ecology.

In addition to the two games we tested, popular games include Fortress Night, Run Kart, Snow Eagle Lord, and Fairy Sword. The black shark and the manufacturer have customized optimizations.


Compared with the Snapdragon 855, the Snapdragon 855 Plus mainly made two upgrades: First, the Kryo 485 CPU clocked up to 2.96 GHz (previously Snapdragon 855 was 2.84 GHz), and the single thread increased by 4.4%. Second, the Adreno 640 GPU achieved a 15% performance improvement, reaching 675Mhz (585MHz).

Master Lu test

Master Lu’s running score reached 440,000+ (骁龙855 is about 370,000+). Because it is the reason for the evaluation machine, there should be a gap between the running points and the official value.

GeekBench test

The single-core run is divided into 3902, and the multi-core run is divided into 10903 (the Xiaolong 855 single-core is about 3400, and the multi-core is about 10500).

AndroBench test

Thanks to the UFS3.0 blessing, the reading speed is very bright, reaching 1439.28MB/S. In contrast, the write capability is slightly weaker, at 223.51MB/s.


If you only look at the battery capacity, the Black Shark 2 Pro is not small, 4000mAh can be used as a selling point for large batteries in ordinary mobile phones. But after all, the location of the Black Shark 2 Pro is different. As a game phone, its mission is to smash the dragon with the maximum horsepower of 2.96GHz.

The 855+’s capabilities have been seen in performance testing and game testing, but the CPU and GPU are theoretically power-hungry while overclocking. Whether the 4000mAh battery can feed this performance monster, let’s look at the video and game endurance.

Online video testing

Time 2:20-2:50, power 20%-16%. The 30-minute online video playback consumes 4% of the total power. In theory, the full-power state video can last for more than 12 hours. In the case of using the processor to work only with a small core, the endurance performance is no different from that of the Snapdragon 7 Series.

Game endurance test

We chose the hottest mobile game “Glory of the King”. During the game, the effects were fully opened, and the brightness and volume of the phone were consistent with the video test.

The half-hour “Glory of the King” consumes 9% of electricity, which means that the game life is about 5 and a half hours. It is necessary for heavy gamers to make two punches a day.

In order to explore the power consumption of the Snapdragon 855Plus, the above two parts compare the mobile phone we added 7 (3700mAh) and Meizu 16S (3600mAh). Although the battery capacity and screen size are slightly different, the processor is the same as the Snapdragon 855, still has some reference value.

According to the previous evaluation data, Meizu 16S 1 hour online video playback consumes 9%, 1 hour eats chicken power consumption 18%; one plus 71 hours online video playback consumes 8%, 1 hour eats chicken consumes 20%. In contrast, the Snapdragon 855Plus is comparable to the Snapdragon 855 in video playback (as we have already said, the power consumption of the Snapdragon 7 Series processor is not bad only when using a small core).

In the full-featured chicken game, the power consumption of the Snapdragon 855Plus increased slightly (the black shark 2 Pro battery power is 300-400mAh, and the battery life is almost the same as the one plus 7 and Meizu 16S). Since the strict control variable method is not used here, the comparison results can only be used as a reference. At present, there are very few models of the Snapdragon 855Plus in the market. In the future evaluation, we will bring more stringent power consumption comparison tests.

Charging test

From the figure, we can see that the maximum power of 27W during the charging process did not stop, and the charging speed was almost a straight line before 60 minutes. In the end, the battery of 4000 mAh was completely charged in only 65 minutes.

In the appearance section, we asked: Can cancel the 3.5mm headphone jack will affect the experience. Now we can conclude that although the endurance of the Black Shark 2Pro is not completely satisfactory (mainly the game live in the high frame rate mode), the 27W charging speed is largely complemented.

Charged 62% in half an hour, charging nearly 97% in one hour, and the problem that the earphone and the charger are not compatible is basically not considered.


In terms of camera, this black shark 2 Pro replaced the flagship master camera and added the super night scene algorithm. The 480 frames of the output were interpolated to 1920 frames by the AI ​​intelligent algorithm, which can achieve high-standard condensing time shooting.

In the high-intensity scene of the room, there is a phenomenon of high-light suppression and over-exposure (the color of the orange is very obvious).

When the amount of light entering the sky is insufficient, the 4800W ultra-clear mode is turned on, and the restoration of the details of the building can be significantly improved. The layering of the sky clouds is very real, and the background blur of the portrait mode relies on the double blessing of hardware and algorithms. There has been significant progress in the previous generation.


In the author’s concept, the setting of the game phone has always been more extreme: the main role of the game phone should be to play the game, other aspects do not have to be considered as the focus, whether it is for mobile phone manufacturers or users. For example, a sports special student does not care whether the performance of the cultural class is excellent, and concentrates on getting the gold medal in sports special. The feeling of the black shark 2 Pro is very close to this setting.

Magic Press, full DC dimming, liquid cooling technology, and even the width of the upper and lower borders, all for the Black Shark 2 Pro has a better gaming experience. We have also seen in the test that the game experience brought by Magic Press is several levels higher than the widely acclaimed (in-game) Apple 3D Touch. Support left and right partitions, support for functional area mapping customization, support for pressure threshold adjustment. These functions make the game operation more user-friendly and easier to use. Both the old bird player and the novice player can find a suitable state in a short time.

In the mobile phone fever test, the black shark 2 Pro with liquid cooling has a good performance. When the room temperature exceeds 30 degrees, the half-hour high-intensity game body still has no serious heat. In the screen experience, the black-shark game phone 2Pro’s non-profiled screen left the author with an unexpectedly good impression. The independent image processing chip can obviously feel the smoothness and smoothness of the picture while watching DC dimming. For the movie lovers like the author, the Black mobile phone 2 Pro is absolutely very useful.

Endurance performance Black shark 2 Pro is weak and strong, this point has been highlighted in the article. When the performance of the Snapdragon 855Plus is fully open, the power consumption will increase accordingly. The 4000mAh battery has no problem when the video is in the air. In the game scene with full effect, it can only last for five and a half hours. The good thing is that the Black Shark 2 Pro uses a 27W fast charge and charges up to 90% in one hour. This speed should not affect even heavy gamers. As a mobile phone, there is no need to take more photos. We have also seen in the evaluation that there is a reasonable gap between the flagship mobile phone and the flagship mobile phone.

There is a shortboard, but the advantage of the game is absolutely outstanding, this is the final conclusion of the author on the Black Shark 2 Pro. Knowing that there have been some questions, the game phone simply pays attention to the game part. In the end, can it not only become a supporting role (non-main machine)? We can refer to some other questions about electronic products: Why does the Kindle have a market? Why is ipod still being chased today? Isn’t it possible to watch e-books and listen to music phones?

The answer is simple because the Kindle can only read books, ipod can only listen to music. When using them, users can feel the purest and most extreme experience. Just like switching to a mobile phone, the mobile game experience is the ultimate and the person has nothing to do. Naturally, the irreplaceability of the game phone will become more and more prominent. By the way, you can use Xiaomi Black Shark 2 Pro 12GB 256GB
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