Black Shark 4S Gundam Limited Edition Review: 10 Minutes Charge and Full Day Playtime!


It is one of the earliest batches of gaming mobile phone manufacturers in China. Both the Black Shark 1st generation and the Black Shark Helo have achieved excellent results in the market, making Black Shark Firm the line of developing game mobile phones.

As one of the first manufacturers to put forward the concept of gaming phones, Black Shark naturally understands what consumers need after years of working in the gaming market. The Black Shark 4S and Black Shark 4S Gundam Limited Editions released this time are precisely aimed at the tricky needs of domestic mobile game users.

This time we got the Black Shark 4S and Black Shark 4S Gundam Limited Edition phones. You want to see the limited edition of Gundam that is full of faith. Let’s focus on this phone today.

Different from the touch buttons of traditional gaming phones, the Black Shark 4 series at the beginning of the year has been equipped with magnetic powerlifting physical buttons as standard. This time, the Black Shark 4S has continued this design well.

And different from traditional gaming phones, the side buttons of the Black Shark 4S Gundam Limited Edition are physical buttons that can be raised and have essential travel. In the contracted state, the two side buttons, one red and one blue, are cleverly hidden on the frame, matched with the high-definition color scheme. They can easily be used as decorations without looking carefully.

After turning on the side button switch, the two side buttons will pop up for the first time. The height and the feedback strength of the buttons will allow users to have more button choices during the game. It is estimated that friends who like to play FPS mobile games will see this. The eyes of the two buttons have started to glow green.

As a gaming phone, both Black Shark 4S Gundam Limited Edition and Black Shark 4S are equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 processor platform. This is for the frame rate stability of the game. After all, too high a frequency will bring To get more heat, when the frame rate is sufficient, it is an intelligent choice to consider the stability.

In addition, the battery life of 4500mAh is powerful, and there is also a 120W ultra-fast flash charge, and it will be a big surprise if you charge it for 10 minutes.

The following are the detailed parameters of the Black Shark 4S Gundam Limited Edition:

Design & Screen

The Black Shark 4S Standard Edition and Gundam Limited Edition have a 6.67-inch 2400*1080 resolution screen on the front screen, which supports a maximum refresh rate of 144Hz. The Gundam Limited Edition has changed in the UI, which fits the Gundam theme more closely.

It is worth noting that whether it is the standard version or the Gundam limited version, the screens used are Samsung AMOLED E4 screens.

Intricately carved free avatars, highly restored up to the profile details of the avatar. The “X” type wings are printed with the body number of Freedom Gundam——ZGMF-X10A.

The “X” type double wings are engraved on the bottom with the designation of the exclusive ship of Freedom Gundam.

Unlike the standard version, the back of the Black Shark 4S Gundam Limited Edition is more relaxed. The camera module is displayed in a more specific way of Gundam impressions following up to red and blue.

There are two pop-up mechanical shoulder buttons on the right side of the phone, one red and one blue, which can be popped out by flipping the shoulder buttons on both sides of the keycap.

Black Shark 4S Gundam Limited Edition’s magnetic powerlifting shoulder key area covers almost all the area’s borders. The advantage of this is that it feels better when used.

The phone’s power button is placed near the middle of the frame, and it supports the side fingerprint unlocking scheme.

The feedback of the evident pressing feel is the refreshing sensation you can’t feel by swiping around on the screen. It is strongly recommended that friends with conditions take the actual phone in their hands to experience it.

There are fewer buttons on the left frame, only integrated volume buttons and SIM card slots. The bottom frame is the speaker, Type-C interface, 3.5mm headphone jack, and noise reduction hole from left to right.


The hardware configuration cannot be equated with the game performance for a gaming phone, depending on the phone tuning.

First, let’s take a look at the running points and game performance of the Black Shark 4S Gundam Limited Edition.


The Black Shark 4S Gundam Limited Edition is equipped with the Snapdragon 870. In the GeekBench test, the single-core score is 1016 points, and the multi-core score is 3415 points, which is in line with expected performance.

Master Lu

The Master Lu score of the Black Shark 4S Gundam Limited Edition is 868,575 points. More than 97% of other users do not have the Snapdragon 888 series to have superb performance.


In the AndroBneh test, the sequential read speed of the Black Shark 4S Gundam Limited Edition is 1683.07MB/s, and the sequential write speed is 772.05MB/s.

In the speed mode test with the mobile phone, the results obtained are 1699MB/s constant reading speed and 827MB/s continuous writing speed.

“King of Glory”

After the extremely high frame rate is turned on, the game process is still very smooth, the frame rate is always maintained at about 120 frames, and the game is very stable throughout.

“Peace Elite”

In “Peace Elite”, with ultra-high-definition picture quality, the frame rate has always been maintained at about 60 frames during the game, and the performance load has been around 35%.

“Original God”

“Original God” is known as the killer of mobile hardware. After we set all the image quality to high, the number of frames during the game has always been maintained at about 60. Although the performance load has reached about 70%, the Black Shark 4S Gundam Limited Edition still has room for it. It seems that the title of hardware killer is not very good for the Black Shark 4S Gundam Limited Edition.

“League of Legends Mobile Game Edition”

It is still full of high quality; the highest frame rate is only 60 frames, so the frame rate is always maintained at 60 structures throughout the game, and the performance load is carried at about 35%.


As a gaming phone, the most significant difference between the Black Shark 4S Gundam Limited Edition and ordinary phones is that it has a built-in game lobby function designed for gamers.

In our experience, we found that this feature is not a simple app store.

The user can enter the game directly through the game lobby, and between entering the game, you can choose which state the phone will run the game in when the game is run. The settings include the processor performance release level, screen refresh rate, screen color, touch sensitivity, etc.

If you want, you can even use the voice changer to different incarnate identities such as Yujie, Loli, and Uncle.

In the creative workshop interface, you can choose to use the screen projection. Currently, the projection screen supports Windows 7 and above, which is quite friendly to the game anchoIf Iflay games on the big screen in daily use, this feature in everyday use can also come in handy.

Of course, the essential thing is naturally the mobile phone peripherals. The game controllers, keyboard and mouse, cooling back clips, Bluetooth gaming headsets, etc., in the Black Shark series peripherals support the Black Shark 4S Gundam Limited Edition mobile phone.

In the game, swipe down from any two corners of the upper left or upper right to call out the game center.

The most important function of the shoulder button is placed in the control center. The two points AB are the position of the shoulder button, and the position can be customized.

For example, the one-key dual-gun function that everyone likes to hear, after setting in advance, whether the left button or the right button, can be pressed to achieve dual-gun shooting.

In addition to one-button double guns, it can also realize pressing and connecting points, which is equivalent to the point-connecting device on the mobile phone, and it can be set to press and hold to trigger, release to stop, and click to start, and then click to stop.

Of course, the magnifying screen function that game players value most has also been put in the mobile phone. After turning on this function, it is equivalent to bringing an 8x mirror.

The most interesting function should be the voice control function. After the control function is turned on, call the function name (such as blood increase, grenade) in the game, and this function can be realized without clicking.In addition, there are a variety of game adaptations in the smart cube, and users can choose various functions; it is simply a plug-in. Of course, as a black shark phone, shark sauce is indispensable.

Users can still set their shark sauce, and shark sauce can also prompt various data in the game in real-time and can use voice as an alarm clock in daily use.


In terms of shooting that many gaming phones do not pay attention to, the Black Shark 4S Gundam Limited Edition still achieves a very high level, not just scanning the code. The 48-megapixel primary camera with 8-megapixel ultra-wide-angle and 5-megapixel macro lens has reached the flagship level.

Let’s take a look at the sample.

The shooting time was around 4 pm, cloudy, and the light was relatively weak. The Black Shark 4S Gundam Limited Edition retains the details of the scene in a low-light environment. AA complex shooting environment does not deliberately please the user to overexpose the picture but honestly restores the scene light environment.

In this picture, the performance of the Black Shark 4S Gundam Limited Edition is still sticking to oneself. However, the exterior glass reflections and indoor lighting can be displayed, and the details are still in place. The macro lens of the Black Shark 4S Gundam Limited Edition has 3 million pixels, but the actual effect is unexpectedly good.


The Black Shark 4S Gundam Limited Edition has a built-in battery capacity of 4500mAh and supports 120W super fast charging. Let’s take a look at the actual charging effect.

In the actual test, when the battery level is 1%, the mobile phone is charged. The battery level of the mobile phone reaches 11% in 1 minute, 42% in 5 minutes, and almost half, 71% in 10 minutes, 89% in 15 minutes, and 18 minutes. After the battery is fully charged.

Playing games is one of the most power-hungry mobile apps, but on Black Shark 4S, even if the battery is completely out of power, it is not a big problem to take it out for 10 minutes and play it intermittently for a day.

In addition, it is not difficult to see from the charging process that in the top 80%, the charging speed of the Black Shark 4S Gundam Limited Edition is breakneck, basically maintaining a 10% charging speed for the mobile phone in 1 minutTheThe charging speed slows down onlyrging rate slows down only after the power reaches own, basically charging 3~4% in 1 minute. The battery protection strategy is pronounced.

To test battery life, we use a battery dog ​​produced by Kuai Technology. This is a battery test software that can imitate the full-load operating environment of mobile phones, daily web browsing, video, and other operations.

In the test of 1 hour, 12 minutes, and 10 seconds, the Black Shark 4S Gundam Limited Edition consumes a total of 12% of power, and it is straightforward to use for 8 hours in daily use.

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As a gaming phone, the Black Shark 4S Gundam Limited Edition does not have crazy piles of materials but is carefully polished in details and software. In our actual game test, in addition, tgame’sgame’s frame rate has been stable at a high level; the various functions make people see the sincerity of this phone.

Since it is a gaming phone, it should be different from the ordinary telephone. The Black Shark 4S Gundam Limited Edition does a good job. The magnetic powerlifting of the shoulder button feels very good, and the feel when the shoulder button is released is very decompressed. The physical, mechanical shoulder button in the game is entirely incomprehensible when using the touch screen.

The excellent hand feel and shoulder button resistance can ultimately save the money to buy a back clip. After all, if you need a mobile phone back clip to play games in an outdoor environment, it is somewhat inconvenient.

The Black Shark 4S Gundam Limited Edition battery capacity is 4500mAh, and its endurance is at the forefront of the current Android mobile phone camp. The 120W superfast charge can charge the mobile phone to nearly 80% of the power in just 10 minutes. The Black Shark 4S Gundam Limited Edition is a very suitable choice whether playing games or daily use.

The powerful intellRubik’subik’s Cube function is simply a game plug-in with the phone, and multiple games are reminded in real-time. It isn’t easy to win or not. There is also a voice reminder at any time, and it has everything that a gaming phone should have.

The unique shoulder button des an and also b used as a shortcut key for daily use. It can be customized to turn on the flashlight, screenshots, one-handed mode, etc., which is very convenient.

In general, the Black Shark 4S Gundam Limited Edition is an excellent gaming phone full of design. Under the premise that it is co-branded with Gundam to ensure a cool appearance, it can play extreme games without extreme configuration and achieve super battery life and super-fast charging. Such gaming phones are rare in the current market.

If you are also a mobile game party, then the Black Shark 4S Gundam Limited Edition will be very suitable for you.

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