BLACKPHONE 2-Cheapest and Most Secure Octa core 3GB Smartphone


Right now there are more smartphones which pursue the high-end specs, but few smartphones can support most secure technology to protect your privacy. It’s Blackphone 2 smartphone, which is currently in presale also coming with high-end specs.



BLACKPHONE 2 supports silent phone facility, which enables peer to peer encrypted audio, video calling, and secure message. smarter wifi, private apps, and private space, it comes with 5.5 inch FHD IPS screen with 1920 * 1080 pixels screen resolution, it is powered by  Snapdragon 615 Octa core 1.7GHz processor, 3GB RAM 32GB ROM, which is expandable to 128GB. It also has dual camera, 13MP back and 5MP front camera, running Silent OS based on Android 6.0 OS, built in 3060mAh battery. It supports dual sim card and 4G LTE network.


Security System

As we have already mention, what characterizes the Blackphone B2 is the strong security that has for his owner. This functions because of the os that has, Silent Os as it is called. The apps that include and make the mobile more secure are:

  • Silent Suite: A set of apps for encrypted communication (voice and video) through P2P, exchanging files with automatic destruction and cryptography of the contacts.
  • Silent Meeting: New system for teleconferencing.
  • Silent Store: Store with apps certified by the company, Silent Circle
  • Silent World: System for encrypted calls with users that don’t have the Blackphone, with no extra charges
  • Silent Manager: A WEB managing platform for companies.

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Due to high-end technology development, we highly recommend this kind of high-end secure smartphone at the most affordable price should come more and more. In the near future, we need to protect our data or message securely. With specs like this you’d expect this mid-ranged phone to cost more (infact Silent Circle is still selling this for $500+, however Efox has started to sell Blackphone 2 at super cheap flash sale price of 109.99 euro. You can now snap a Blackphone 2 at this amazing price as a New Years gift. It is one of the most secure and cheapest 3GB Octa core phone on the market to date.


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