Blackview BV5200 Comes with up to 7GB RAM with Android 12 at $99.99 Early Bird


Two years ago, the leading rugged phone brand, Blackview, released a budget smartphone, Blackview BV4900, which soon drew more global users since it needled into basic mobile functionality demands perfectly. Today, Blackview confirmed that its iteration, Blackview BV5200, boasting to be Blackview’s first rugged phone powered by ArcSoft® camera algorithms and featuring upgrades in cameras, OS, memory expansion, display, and more, will go official at $99.99 on Sep.14th, 2022. Let’s dive in to see what Blackview BV5200 will offer. 

5MP Front + 13MP Rear Powered by ArcSoft® Algorithms

The biggest highlight of the Blackview BV5200 is that it’s the first Blackview rugged phone that adopts the ArcSoft® algorithms. Few Blackview budget tough phones support camera algorithms. “Though Blackview BV5200 carries a lower price tag, we won’t sacrifice the performance, from the ruggedness to the photography, for the affordable price,” said the Blackview engineer in official exposures. “To change the game for the photography of budget rugged phone and help users get the most out of Blackview BV5200’s cameras, we adopt the ArcSoft® algorithms, including Panorama, HDR, Portrait, and Beauty. ArcSoft is a leading algorithm and software solution provider that has covered its business over the global top 20 smartphone giants such as Huawei, Samsung, Xiaomi, and OPPO, for which BV5200 users can experience innovative features on the lower-pixel camera hardware platform. ” 

Panorama Mode

When finding it difficult to photograph a splendid landscape or take a group photo in a single frame on an ordinary phone camera instead of the ultra-wide camera, the Panorama Mode is the way to go. Unlike Blackview BV4900’s Panorama Mode powered by the MediaTek platform, Blackview BV5200 tells a different story with the ArcSoft® panorama algorithm. Supported features of the ArcSoft® panorama stitching technology include dynamic analysis, dynamic correction, anti-ghosting technology, and exclusive access to ArcSoft real-time stitching and JPEG encoding technology. Users can enjoy high-speed panorama capture and reduced post-processing times and achieve the best possible stitching results.

HDR Mode

ArcSoft® HDR technology improves the basic foundations of HDR technology with real-time intelligent detection algorithms which detect regional brightness within the image, more accurately determining brightness levels within various shooting environments. The detection ensures that bright and dim areas receive optimal exposure values and allows for dynamic exposure adjustment of up to 2-3 stops of the original exposure to be performed on target areas. It results in an image with more vivid details, distinct light levels, and stunning color for the BV5200. ArcSoft® also combines an anti-ghosting algorithm, which corrects ghosting or coloring problems caused by hand-shake or movement during capture.

Beauty Mode

Selfie lovers will appreciate the ArcSoft®-powered Beauty Mode. Through the extensive investment to expand and unearth new facial technology, ArcSoft has developed a complete set of facial technology, such as facial detection, facial tracking, facial keypoint detection, information recognition, and intelligent facial beautification. It has also constructed numerous data points for various facial types and developed race, age, gender, or facial expression recognition capabilities. All are beneficial to more natural facial beautification and bring out perfect selfies on Blackview BV5200. 

Portrait Mode

Thanks to the deep integration of ArcSoft’s neural network-based foreground and background segmentation technology, Blackview BV5200’s Portrait Mode can distinguish the edge lines of different objects, faces, and body parts. Combined with professional rendering and defocusing technology, it can achieve the effect of highlighting the subject and blurring the background. There’s also a pack of optimized shooting algorithms such as Underwater Mode; Night Mode, and the selfie’s Face Fill Light to help record moments in most conditions. 

Other Specifications and Features

In terms of Blackview BV5200’s other features, Blackview has confidently claimed that they raise the bar of budget-rugged phone standards. Offering the up-to-date version of OS, memory expansion, battery performance optimizations, a larger screen, newly-added Glove Mode, and a customized shortcut button, the rugged phone experience will never be the same. More details are as follows:

Doke OS 3.0 Based on Android 12

OS is an area where the BV5200 shines the most. Blackview has devoted efforts to OS development and brought Doke OS to help users grab the most from Blackview devices. Blackview BV5200 comes powered by the newest OS 3.0 version based on Android 12; becoming the third Blackview rugged phone running on the same, besides Blackview BV4900 Pro and Blackview BV7100. Unlike Doke OS 2.0 and 2.1 versions based on Android 11, Blackview BV5200 has witnessed massive touch-ups in design; convenience, smoothness, and privacy protection. 

Up to 7GB RAM + up to 1TB TF Storage

Smartphones today are used for everything from communication and photography to intense gaming and social media and are expected to provide a seamless experience at all times. However, users get easily frustrated as their smartphone slows down. Therefore, Blackview developed a new function called RAM Expansion that has been available on Blackview BV4900 Pro and Blackview BV7100. The new technology expands the BV5200’s 4GB RAM to up to 7GB; which increases data processing capability and reduces frame loss rate and fragmentation.

Therefore, users can enjoy smoother switching between apps running simultaneously in the background, harnessing the configuration to its fullest. Besides the quad-core MediaTek Helio A22 and 32GB ROM; Blackview BV5200 has two card slots to insert either two 4G SIM cards or one SIM card and one TF card of up to 1TB expandable.

5180mAh Battery + Reverse Charge Support

Inside the military-grade but light and slim body, Blackview BV5200 has a 5180mAh battery. Compared with the BV4900, it has a smaller capacity. However, thanks to software enhancements on battery power consumption from Doke OS 3.0; the BV5200 achieves a longer service life on gaming; web browsing, and standby based on continuous use tests from Blackview Laboratory. Plus, it supports reverse charging to lend some juice to other devices whenever finding no socket to plug in.

6.1-inch Larger, Clearer Display + Glove Mode

Larger than Blackview BV4900, the 6.1-inch screen is sizeable enough for better viewing. Regarding the resolution, clarity, and color accuracy, the BV5200 delivers a higher level of visual enjoyment. Introduced with the Glove Mode, the display sensitivity has increased to detect your gestures and give a precise response.                                                                

Price & Availability

Blackview has scheduled to take wraps off Blackview BV5200; officially on AliExpress on Blackview Super Brand Day from September 14th to 15th. And the world premiere price will reach as low as $99.99 (down from $199.99)


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