BLACKVIEW BV9500 PRO Review: Comes with 6GB RAM 128GB ROM Helio P23 MTK6763T 2.5GHz Octa Core


Notwithstanding the present Android and a superior camera, there is a considerably bigger battery. This is to make the Blackview BV9500 Pro the most persisting battery Monster of whether this prerequisite is met, and whether the BV9500 Pro as an ordinary cell phone is great, you’ll learn in this survey. No ifs ands or buts, the Blackview BV9500 Pro is significantly sturdier than a normal cell phone, yet it is unquestionably an open-air gadget intended for accidents and other mechanical pressure.

Design and Display

10.000mAh need space. Heaps of room. That is the reason the Blackview BV9500 Pro is entirely huge and resembles an exemplary tough or outside cell phone in the analysis.   it offers IP accreditation and is along these lines waterproof. One-gave activity is conceivable with huge hands. This essentially alludes to composing on the console. Here is the 18: 9 arrangement of the showcase emphatically recognizable. You can not commit the error here and believe that is actually what it is.

With 5.7 inches and a goals of 2160 x 1080 pixels, the Blackview BV9500 Pro speaks to the built up standard among 18:9 cell phones without Notch. The showcase has the ordinary adjusted corners and conveys a shockingly decent picture quality. The showcase conveys a dangerously sharp picture with reasonable and clear hues and a great complexity. Dark looks fairly dim in the LCD show and the enlightenment of the presentation is splendidly even. The splendor is sufficiently high to have the capacity to perceive enough outside.

Hardware and Performance

So the Blackview BV9500 Pro depends on the Mediatek Helio P23 and accordingly accomplished in the Antutu benchmark a score of just shy of 65.000 points. In regular daily existence, the Blackview BV9500 Pro in our analysis conveys a helpful execution however isn’t exactly too upgraded as some different cell phones with this processor. The designs driver additionally does not appear to be flawlessly upgraded yet, on the grounds that the execution in testing 3D amusements fails to impress anyone.


The Blackview BV9500 Pro in the test is conveyed straightforwardly from the production line with Android 8.1.0 Oreo. In the test, the security fix from April 2018 was ready and in this way at the season of the firmware discharge Current.  Blackview depends on a stock Android, which joins a few increments in the framework settings totally without alterations. Blackview likewise beats the irritating bloatware and prepares the Blackview BV9500 Pro with only a couple of Google Apps.


The maker publicizes the Blackview BV9500 Pro with 10,000mAh and keeps that in any event nearly. You can guess by the weight and it is affirmed by the insights of AccuBattery and an outside estimation. 9.980mAh are with our gadget — an incredible esteem. Intelligently, the Blackview BV9500 Pro in the audit ought to be the most persisting cell phone we’ve ever tried. What’s more, that is undoubtedly the situation!


The Black-top Xtreme snaps so hard at the most noteworthy designs settings that its not by any means fun. At the point when memory Blackview is. not surprisingly. liberal and furnishes the BV9500 Pro with 6GB of RAM. This accomplishes the average throughput of 7.5 GB/s, which we additionally know from other Helio P23 cell phones.  IP68/IP69K tMIL-STD-810G TIFIED The RAM administration is brilliantly fruitful in the BV9500 Pro and not prohibitive. In the test, we could undoubtedly open 15 applications toward the beginning of the day and get back to them at night without being reloaded. he Blackview BV9500 Pro has128GB memory toward the begin. This is very quick and can be reached out by Micro SD card.

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Update on Dec.13, 2018
Right now Blackview BV9500 Pro is in flash sale only at $359.99 for Christmas Gift.


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