Blackview MP60 Ultra Compact Mini PC Launched with Intel Celeron N5095 CPU


As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a growing demand for home offices and mobile offices. It is clearly unwise to carry around a large CPU host, and laptops are too expensive for many. To solve the problem of inconvenient office work and make it better for people to work anywhere and at any time, Blackview, a world-renowned manufacturer of rugged phones and tablets, has introduced the Mini PC MP60 with a smaller size and more powerful features. Blackview MP60 features a slim and stylish size, powerful processor, efficient radiator, quiet operation, excellent feature partition, latest OS Windows 11 Pro, 4K UHD dual display, robust data transmission, and large internal memory.​

Ultra-compact Size: Only 460g

Weighing just 460g, you can easily take Blackview MP60 home in your bag and avoid the hassle of lugging around a large, heavy computer host to continue unfinished work. Or in case of an emergency and you need to work from home or somewhere else, Mini PC MP60 is also a great office device to replace a computer.

Powerful Processor: Intel N5095

Apart from not being able to complete graphic-intensive video games, Mini PC MP60 will always meet your office work needs with powerful performance. Blackview MP60 owns a processor of Intel Celeron N5095 CPU with a high speed of 2.90 GHz and 4K @ 60Hz Ultra HD graphics. It helps you handle fast browsing, editing documents, paperwork, presentation of speeches, and even HD videos.

Efficient Heat Dissipation: Down to 35℃

Blackview MP60 dedicates the CPU to thermal solutions with a newly designed large-windowed cooler fan and six wider heat pipes to ensure maximum performance. With a fan speed of 5600 rpm and heat dissipation area of 25500mm², MP60 keeps itself at 35℃, solving a range of problems, such as computer crashes and sudden restarts caused by overloading or overheating and even extends the life of the CPU.​

Quite Operation: <38dB

Giving you a quiet environment to work, study or create, thanks to the excellent effective noise reduction methods applied and the outstanding CPU’s main components, Blackview MP60 ensures maximum performance while keeping the noise down to 38dB.​

Excellent Feature Partition: Multi Ports, Wider Compatibility

Connect what you want. Blackview MP60 is designed with multiple ports such as USB ports, a DC jack, and an audio jack for wider compatibility. MP60 can connect to a headset, a mouse, a keyboard, and other devices at the same time, making it convenient for work and life. More importantly, MP60 Mini PC works well with servers, surveillance cameras, monitors, projectors, and televisions.

The Latest OS: Windows 11 Pro

Driven by the latest operating system, Windows 11 Pro, for professional uses like a photo or video editing; MP60 brings a user experience close to that of a desktop computer. Blackview MP60 features a simple, powerful UX that helps improve productivity and focus. With new features for intuitive navigation, easy organization, and faster performance, MP60 enables you to make the most of the available desktop space.

UHD Dual Display: 4K Resolution

One screen is too small. Breaking through the limits of the screen, Blackview MP60 delivers a dual display of 4K resolution with Intel UHD Graphics 450MHZ. MP60 brings great efficiency to your design work while bringing incomparable enjoyment to your film.

Robust Data Transmission: 2.4G+5G WiFi & 1,000Mbps Ethernet & Bluetooth 4.2

Thanks to 2.4G and 5G dual-band WiFi, MP60 enables fast wireless transmission between MP60 and other mobile devices; which is convenient for Internet surfing, entertainment, and office work. By a gigabit ethernet port, Blackview MP60 provides ultra-fast networking, with extremely fast file downloads and uploads at speeds of up to 1,000Mbps. With Bluetooth 4.2 capabilities, MP60 is widely compatible with Bluetooth-enabled devices such as Bluetooth headsets, Bluetooth mice, and Bluetooth keyboards.

Large Internal Memory: 16GB RAM + 521GB ROM + 2TB Expandable Memory

Blackview MP60 stores everything, including work, play, privacy, memories, and even your life. Packed with 16GB RAM and 521GB ROM, MP60 boots up in seconds, and runs faster and smoother. MP60 handles tasks such as quick browsing and opening huge graphic files quickly and easily. To completely relieve your storage anxiety, it expands storage to 2TB with a 2.5-inch SSD/HDD drive that reads at 500MB/S.

Price & Availability

Actually, there are more highlights of the Blackview MP60. And here is a list of prices for the models, heavily discounted between 35% Off and 45% Off the MP60 launch price, from 0:00 am on December 19th to January 19th PST. So go for it!

  • USA-Mini PC
    8GB+256GB: $249.99, 40% off, $149.99
    16GB+512GB: $399.99, 50% off, $199.99
  • DE-Mini PC
    8GB+256GB: $179.99, 40% off, $299.99
    16GB+512GB: $219.99, 45% off, $399.99
  • IT-Mini PC
    8GB+256GB: $179.99, 40% off, $299.99
    16GB+512GB: $219.99, 45% off, $399.99
  • FR-Mini PC
    8GB+256GB: $181.99, 35% off, $279.99
    16GB+512GB:  $227.99, 35% off, $349.99
  • ES-Mini PC
    8GB+256GB:  $179.99, 40% off, $299.99
    16GB+512GB:  $219.99, 45% off, $399.99
  • UK-Mini PC
    8GB+256GB: $199.99, 40% off, $329.99
    16GB+512GB: $239.99, 40% off, $399.99

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