Blackview R7 Design, Hardware, Camera, Battery Review


Blackview as Chinese smartphone manufacturer which mainly focuses on rugged tri-proof smartphones, recently also announced its flagship smartphone, Blackview R7. So we are glad Blackview is back to high-end smartphones again. It can be regarded as Octa core 4GB smartphone killer with NFC and fast charge function. As you know, other Chinese mobile brand, like Elephone, UMI, Ulefone also have released this kind of smartphone before. So can Blackview R7 win over these brands? Let’s talk about this Blackview R7.



Blackview R7 has 1.6mm super slim bezel and exquisite design with rounded edges. It uses CNC full metal frame to let this R7 look so shinning and charming, Although it adopts plastic material instead of metal, when we hold it, it has nice hand gripping. The overall design is very smooth and exquisite.  It has 152*78*8.9mm dimension, 249.2g weight including battery. Moreover, it takes 5.5inch 2.5D arc FHD screen, and corning Gorilla glass material which can let us wear the gloves to touch very responsively. When we test the image quality by watching tv shows or looking through the pictures, the screen looks very clearly and vividly. And the screen can also prevent damage from scratching. So we have to give a thumb about the design of Blacview R7.


We also care about the smartphone hardware which is very relative to its performance. Blackview R7 is powered by Helio P10 MTK6755 octa core 2.0GHz, which has better power consumption saving than the previous chipset. Couple with RAM 4GB ROM 32GB internal storage, we can enjoy running many apps at the same time, and downloading large files or movies to watch. Of course, we highly recommend not opening too many apps in one time, it will damage the smartphones’ performance.  When we test the phone by playing large 3D games, it doesn’t occur about overheating and in-fluency. So we can see the hardware of Blackview R7 is the other selling point to be proud.





When we talk about camera of a smartphone, we must be very excited and be quite looking forward. Because more and more people enjoy selfies or taking photos about their life and work. Blackview R7 has 8MP front camera and 13MP back camera with flashlight and auto focus as well. For example, when we take photos by front camera, it has beautification mode to make us enjoy better photo quality to show others. Meanwhile, the back camera is also the mainstream performance currently which enables us to record every beautiful moment of our life. I don’t have to carry the heavy SLR camera outside. Blackview R7 camera can let our life more colorful.



Battery life is a key for a smartphone to use. Blackview R7 has 3000mAh battery. In general, a large screen should be equipped with bigger battery capacity. However, Blackview R7 uses this 3,000mAh battery which can be seen in medium level, not too small or too large. It can support 14 days standby, 14 hours phone call, and 6 hours game. And there is no overheating issue about this smartphone. So its battery can meet our daily use.

Other Practical Functions


Blackview R7 has some nice practical features that we need such as 4G LTE network, OTG, Fast charge, NFC , 360 degree touch ID, function, and latest android6.0 OS. And it can have access to rapid 5G wifi that can expand the bandwidth to 80Mhz and more.The transmission speed can reach to 1Gbps and transfer rate to 125Gbps, It also supports smart wakeup on screen, just use gesture drawing to quick access to apps accordingly. Meanwhile, the customized UI brings us the new experience than before.  So are you satisfied with these kind of functions?




QQ图片20160613112839QQ图片20160613112730Blackview R7 can be the one of the most competitive smartphones with RAM 4GB Octa core. We have to praise the practical functions, hardware, camera, and screen. But for some high-end users, they may not satisfy their needs such as battery and plastic design if they often uses the smartphone and pursue more superior quality. So next time, Blacview can improve its plastic quality to metal, it would be better to attract us. Luckily, it has three colors,  Golden, Silver, Gray for your option at $189.99. Will you have a try?


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