Blackview R7 vs UMi Super video comparison


The new flagship at Blackview, the Blackview R7, is so highly regarded by team Blackview,they are not afraid of a good old fashioned Match up. So highly regarded in fact they put it up against another Highly regarded and widely acclaimed device, the Umi Super. Blackview have just released a comparison video, showing the 2 phones side by side and performing some basic functions.gizguide-blackview-r7First up the video shows a design comparison,although some claim the devices look almost identical, we feel the A7 has more rounded edges. That aside the main differences come with position of the rear camera and a different charging port.The R7 comes with the standard micro USB port, and a USB Type-C port is featured on the Umi Super.The SIM card tray on both devices sits on the left of the phone, whilst Both phones place all their buttons placed on the right.f8fa51ce-f77d-408a-9608-f8e0916248d7 Bearing in mind this is not an independent video, The user interface on both phones seems to be very smooth and fast. Screenshots taken during the video appear to be very quick also. Where a stark difference comes in is at the camera and the picture quality. The shots taken by the Blackview R7 appear to be very bright , whilst shots taken by the Umi Super appear a lot darker. I’m not sure whether adjustments can be made on both phones, the actual image should be somewhere in the middle.

An LCD IPS display comes on both phones, with the screen of Blackview R7 appears to be slightly cooler or lighter than the Umi Super.This again is adjustable so we are not sure what to make of this.The Blackview R7 comes with a battery capacity a bit smaller than that of the UMi Super, but bang for your buck definitely sits with Blackview Camp,which at present can be purchased for around $169.99. Take a look at the Blackview comparison below.Please leave your comments, we would really love to hear what you think.
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