Blackview TAB 10 Pro: Design, Hardware, Features, and More


Blackview is known only for Big battery and rugged phones, recently they made official the Blackview Tab 10 Pro smart Tablet, which is halfway between the previous model and the next. With is a great tablet that has a stylish design, good hardware and a very attractive price.

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The design of the tablet corresponds to the current trends in the development of this segment of portable technology. The philosophy of minimalism is clearly visible here, blackview tab 10 pro is really convenient and pleasant to use such a device. The kit comes with a book cover, it is ideal for transportation and helps the case to stay clean longer. On the back panel, you can find an insert inside which is a camera and a flash. At the ends of the device, there are connectors for connecting a keyboard, and there are also 2 speakers for multimedia purposes. They sound loud and high quality, are in a convenient place so that the hand does not cover them during use. There is also a 3.5 mm headphone jack on the case, which is of considerable value at the moment.


The diagonal size is 10.1 Inches, the resolution is 1920×1200 pixels. This ratio of resolution to size only says that the gadget has excellent color reproduction and smoothness of the picture here at a high level. Viewing angles are almost the maximum possible, the IPS matrix is ​​​​great in every sense. The maximum brightness of this matrix is ​​also quite high, so you are provided with comfort from use.


Blackview Tab 10 Pro Comes with an MTK8768 processor, which, having 8 cores and a frequency of 2 GHz, is able to give an unrealistic performance for tasks of entry-level and mid-level. Given the price of the tablet, and it is quite low, the parameters here are more than suitable. Built-in memory 64 GB, operational 4 GB, which will be useful for active users. Do not miss the fact that the battery in the Blackview Tab 10 Gold is quite capacious – 7480mAh allow you to watch movies, play games, work in office applications, and do any other business throughout the day. And if we talk about dimensions, then the case thickness of 8.4 mm is not large, and the weight of 523 g is not critical for your comfort in use. Given the large diagonal of the display, this tablet will certainly please you during active use.

Battery and other Features

The energy, on the other hand, is provided by a lithium-ion battery, smaller than in the recent past, here from 6,580 mAh, which can be charged through the microUSB 2.0 Type-C door. This model features 30W quick charge, full HD display, and dual SIM support. The OS is Android 11, dual speakers, and the connection terminal is USB Type-C. The tablet uses two cameras: the main 13 megapixel and the front 5 megapixel. There are only two shooting modes in the menu of the stock launcher: photo and video.

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How To Buy

Blackview TAB 10 Pro is currently selling at Aliexpress With the chepest price just at $218.99. Click the following button for order now:

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