Blackview Tab 7 Series Kids Edition with EVA Case Tablet is Coming


Only about three months have passed since Blackview launched its last tablet. Now the company is about to unveil a trio of the Blackview Tab 7 series, trying to challenge Huawei and Samsung in the value tablet category. The series includes Tab 7, Tab 7 Kids, and Tab 7 Wifi. Like prior entries, Blackview Tab 7 series offers some long-awaited quality-of-life features that are said to boost work productivity and entertainment massively. Read the following detailed specs of the Tab 7 series to find out whether the claim is true.

Blackview Tab 7 series Specs

Differences between Tab 7 & Tab 7 Kids & Tab 7 Wifi

Blackview Tab 7 and Tab 7 Kids share exactly the same spec with each other; except for the fact that Tab 7 Kids is wrapped with an anti-shock protective case made of high-density EVA material and the iKids app. iKids app incorporates all-in-one parental control and kids’ space where children can color animals, do puzzle drawings, watch cartoons, learn alphabets, etc. As for the Tab 7 Wifi, it is pretty much a Wifi version of Tab 7 without the SIM card slot option and is priced at a much lower price than its two elder siblings with different appearances and new colorways to meet various demands.

Similarities Between Tab 7 & Tab 7 Kids & Tab 7 Wifi

Intuitive DokeOS_P 2.0 Based on Android 11 & PC Mode

Blackview Tab 7 series comes with a strong focus on OS design and interaction. Unlike most tablets at a similar price point that come with Android 10, Tab 7 series provides the better option of Android 11, guaranteeing up-a-notch fluency backed by the Blackview self-developed DokeOS_P 2.0 which is a tablet version of Blackview DokeOS 3.0 first seen on Blackview BV8800.

Users will experience a more intuitive desktop including a versatile control panel, smart sidebar, minus one screen as well as the PC mode that turns Tab 7 series into a min-PC by allowing users to open multiple app windows at the same time and deal with their working tasks like on a PC.

Slim Body & Micro-curved Edge Design

With a dashing design that can showcase users’ taste and offer stunning visuals; Tab 7 and Tab 7 kids boast an 8.9mm thin and light body that weighs only 536g; ensuring less-than-average hand fatigue and more portability when it is tucked away in totes or even small handbags. While the exact thickness of Tab 7 Wifi is unknown yet, it is said to be slim too.

Similarities Between Tab 7 and Tab 7 Kids

Captivating 10.1-inch Screen

The front of Blackview Tab 7 and Tab 7 Kids is dominated by a stunning 10.1-inch IPS screen that covers 79% of the front panel area. It delivers excellent color accuracy and contrast level with 3.0×106 nits maximum brightness which makes the screen easily visible regardless of lighting conditions. The screen modes including Night Light and Reading Mode are geared up for users to browse social feeds, stream videos, or read ebooks in low-lit environments for less eye strain or fatigue.

Quad-core Unisoc T310 & Up to 5GB RAM Expansion & 1TB Expandable

Blackview Tab 7 and Tab 7 Kids are packed with Unisoc T310; and use a configuration of one Cortex-A75 and three Cortex-A55. The processor is optimized with upgraded algorithms for better efficiency; and paired with 3GB RAM +32GB ROM and up to 1 TB expandable storage. Thanks to the memory expansion technology, the RAM capacity can be expanded to 5GB. It means that the speed and fluency of multitasking and playing big-title games would be tremendously improved by about 15 % to 20%; according to the Blackview Laboratory. To open more apps or switch among them in Blackview Tab 7 and Tab 7 Kids is buttery smooth.

Enduring 6580mAh Battery Performance

In Blackview Laboratory Test, Blackview Tab 7 and Tab 7 Kids last for more than 7 hours; when the tablets are tasked with ceaseless web browsing; with 4G on and Wifi off and 32 hours for calling when Bluetooth and Wifi are off. That indicates the 6580mAh battery is a pretty big cell to keep the 10.1-inch display chugging all day long; empowering users to get through an intense work day or hours of game indulgence with friends. 

Ear-Pleasing Dual Box Speakers

The box speakers of Blackview Tab 7 and Tab 7 Kids are skillfully tuned by veteran technicians; to reproduce rich acoustic details that can refresh users’ minds and please even their souls no matter whether it is highs; bass, or mid-range.

5 MP & 2MP Cameras

As for the camera department, Tab 7 and Tab 7 Kids carry a 2 MP front camera and a 5MP rear camera; not impressive though, but they are more than enough to deal with daily tasks.

Price & Availability

Although Blackview Tab 7 and Tab 7 Kids bear few differences, the duo are priced differently. Tab 7 is offered at $119.69 while Tab 7 Kids with an EVA case will cost about $129.99. The premier sale of Tab 7 now starts from August 15th to August 29th PT while the Tab 7 Kids is expected to go official in September. Compared with most of their counterparts in the market, Tab 7 and Tab 7 Kids; seem to tick all the boxes of a good tablet for media consumption or basic productivity on the go. If you happen to look for a tablet with such specs; then look no further because the Tab 7 series is going to satisfy you in nearly every aspect. As for the Tab 7 Wifi, its price is unknown yet but is likely to be much lower than the other two. Stay tuned for more information.


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