BlitzWolf BW-BS14 Pro Gimbal Stabilizer With 20% Just at $85.99 [Coupon Deal]


The BlitzWolf BW-BS14 Pro Gimbal Stabilizer will help you take perfect photos and videos even on the go. With it, you can take stunning shots anywhere. With 3-axis image stabilization and built-in anti-shake, the image will not smudge, and every shot will be perfect. For the convenience of using the accessory, the manufacturer has created a special application for mobile devices.

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The BlitzWolf BW-BS14 Pro case is made of durable and high-quality materials. An ergonomic handle is made at the bottom, and a three-axis stabilizer with a phone holder is made on top. Due to its compact size, when folded, there is always a place for it in a bag or backpack. The weight of BlitzWolf BW-BS14 is 506 grams, while it is capable of supporting mobile devices that do not exceed 230 grams. If one worries about the size of the phone (each time the terminals are getting bigger), the space to hold it can expand up to 65 mm x 45 mm x 27 mm.


There are controls on the handle, with which you can select the operating mode, zoom in on the subject, and much more. To fully control the stabilizer, you need to install the BlitzWolf application on the gadget.

Pan and Timelapse Mode

With the panorama mode, you can capture the entire surrounding landscape. And with Timelapse mode, you can create shots you’ve only ever seen on cinema screens.


We must thank the ability of BlitzWolf BW-BS14 to be compatible with auto-tracking and object detection functions, something key so that the images do not lose sharpness, while its connection with the Smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0 supports both a position vertical and horizontal for creating different types of videos and photos.


The BW-BS14 Pro Gimbal Stabilizer is powered by a built-in 3200mAh battery. A full battery charge in the remote control lasts for 8 hours of continuous operation. It charges in 2.6 hours using a USB Type-C cable.

Operating Mode

The current charge level and the selected operating mode are shown on a small display located directly above the control panel. Therefore, you will always know for sure whether the correct mode is involved and whether it is time to put the tripod on charge.


The stabilizer provides a smooth change in the position of the smartphone in three planes: vertical, horizontal, and around its axis. Stabilization is carried out in several modes, switching between which is carried out using the M button.

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How To Buy

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Coupon Code: BG529b95

Buy BlitzWolf BW-BS14 Pro at $85.99 on Banggood


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