BlitzWolf BW-GC2 Gaming Chair For Just $159.99 [Coupon Deal]


More necessary than ever for those who, with the Covid-19, started to stay at home full time – or simply decided to improve their conditions during the time they spend working or playing on the computer, we have this BlitzWolf BW-GC2 Gaming Chair.

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The BlitzWolf BW-GC2 Gaming Chair has a 39-47 point adjustable height and can be retracted up to 150 degrees. It has removable cushions and an extra piece to stretch the legs, metal structure, “lazy” incorporated on the left and right for your hands and, of course, it has wheels, to make diapers while you sit on it. Its surface is made of PVC, resistant, and easy to clean, while on the back it has a piece of “sponge” that lets air through, so you don’t sweat like pigs in summer. It also has a maximum tilt and swing of 80 °, which works by lifting the backrest lever and adjusting the backrest to a proper angle, then releasing the handle to lock the backrest in place. Adjustable seat height and 360 ° rotation, placed in an ergonomic position for optimal play.


With this chair, you will become a real gamer! The BlitzWolf BW-GC2 has a choice of red, yellow, white, and blue. The colors contain even more colorful elements for variety. The main material is PVC in combination with PP cotton and sponge. Everything will be so very comfortable and soft.

Comfortable supports are a matter of course. Here is a footrest that offers support when extended. BlitzWolf BW-GC2 has a length of 35 cm and is also covered with quality fabric. We also have two extra pillows for lumbar and nape support with adjustment at your disposal. (If you prefer, you can remove it). In addition, the armrests have height and rotation adjustment for perfect support at any time.

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Where To Buy

BlitzWolf BW-GC2 Gaming Chair is now available on Banggood For Just $99.99 using a Coupon Code: BGPLGC211. Click the following button for order now:

Buy BlitzWolf BW-GC2 Gaming Chair on Banggood


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