BlitzWolf BW-GC4 Review – Racing Style Gaming Chair at $79.99 from Banggood


BlitzWolf brings another gaming chair to the market, this time with the name BlitzWolf BW-GC4. This chair is available in a variety of materials and colors, including military camouflage. This very blunt chair of Blitzwolf has been christened Gaming for some reason, and although I can not determine exactly why, I will go with the waters of Blitzwolf, and I will call it Gaming. Therefore, the BW-GC4 GAMING chair comes in 5 different colors, so 99% of you will find one to fit in your office. It has small dimensions, so you do not need to take the bed out to fit.


The BlitzWolf BW-GC4 gaming chair comes with an attractive design and is available in several color combinations. There are also interesting camouflage designs in green and blue. The manufacturer gives you the opportunity to choose chairs made of different materials. You can choose from waterproof and durable polyurethane leather or textile mesh.  It can lift up to 160 kg, with its height can be adjusted from 42-52 cm from the ground to the hydraulic lifting system. Its arms go up if you do not want them to bother you on the side, and it has a metal frame. The cushion on the seat is 50 × 54 cm with a thickness of 7 cm. while its back is 72 cm high and 46 cm its maximum width.

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The chair is of course rotatable through 360 ° and height-adjustable. You can adjust the height in the range of 42 to 52 cm. Comfort is ensured by the ergonomic shaping of the backrest with an integrated headrest. The base of the chair is made of metal materials, so you don’t have to worry that the chair will break under more pressure. The total load capacity is up to 160 kg. The strong metal construction of the chair and castors, which can withstand at least 120,000 turns, also testifies to the quality . Of course, there is also the possibility of swinging in a chair. It is ideal not only for playing but also for relaxation.


The BlitzWolf BW-GC4 gaming chair is available in more colors than usual. There are also interesting, camouflage designs on offer. The base of each chair is black. This part is always made of polyurethane leather. The edges of the backrest, seat, and upper part of the armrests are colored. You can buy it from Banggood at $79.99 in Flash Sale for a limited time.


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