Bluboo Edge Curved Smartphone Violent Test Review


When we see the tendency of curved screen smartphones, we just know they are beautiful and exquisite, but we are wrong, Bluboo has proved that Bluboo Edge as the latest budget smartphone which is the not only beautiful but also sturdy in its quality.

In the test video, Bluboo Edge has gone through a twist test and a flame test. The reviewer twists the phone violently and bends it, the test result shows there is no damage about Bluboo Edge. And then it has been tested by firing the back cover, which still proves the nice materials of plastics with high quality. Therefore, its endurance and flexibility enables us to trust curved screen smartphones is not only beautiful.

In the second video, Bluboo Edge has also been compared with Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, It shows the same lumia effect as S7 Edge, thanks to IML  electroplating technology to make the back cover full of resistant against scratches and corrosion. Bluboo Edge has made it.

Right now Bluboo Edge is in flash sale at $129.99, it will start to ship at the end of this month. We believe this kind of price is only available for the first batch in presale, after it’s in large stock, the price will be improved higher. If you are interested in it, never hesitated.




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