Bluboo Edge Heart Rate Monitor and Battery life Review(Video)


Bluboo Edge in terms of design can be the best rival of Elephone S7, because they both dual curved screen smartphone. Right now Bluboo said Bluboo Edge can support heart rate monitor, which often used in wearable devices. It’s rare that a smartphone also has this kind of useful function. Bluboo Edge with heart rate sensor is next to the LED flash on the back camera.


Bluboo also released a video about how to work heart rate monitor function, What you need to do is to put your fingerprint on the hear rate sensor, and then you will get the result within ten to fifteen seconds, you can check the video for more details.

As for battery, previously, Bluboo Edge has been compared with iPhone 7 Plus in battery test. Bluboo Edge comes with 2600mAh battery, so how does Bluboo Edge fight against the expensive smartphone? They both set up on maximum display brightness and go through kinds of tests, each test per hour. including offline video playback, video recording, playing games, social networking, browsing the Internet and chatting. During three hours video test, Bluboo Edge left 54% power, iPhone 7 Plus left 51%, therefore, in the end, Bluboo Edge wins over iPHONE 7 Plus in minor difference of battery life.

Right now Christmas is coming, Bluboo Edge is available for 129.99 usd with Black and golden color, it will be shipped from December 10, so if you think it’s worthwhile to have a try, just catch one son.


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