Bluboo Maya Max is coming


We have seen the release of the Bluboo Maya, so in the very near future Bluboo have decided to expand the Maya lineup and introduce another two models. First off the bat will be the Bluboo Maya Max. Details of the device were leaked in June, so what we do now is that the camera is in for an upgrade and will come with a Sony IMX214 sensor  and if Bluboo have developed the right software this snapper will be capable of some fantastic images.maya

The battery capacity we think will come with a pretty respectable with 4200 mAh in the tank and will come with Android 6.0 Marshmallow as the OS. But todays news is that the frame and back cover of Bluboo Maya Max will be all metal and be constructed from alloy 6000, which, for those that are not aware, is an alloy made from aluminum/magnesium/silicone. A metallic feel is always a nice thing  on a device, we cant wait to get our hands on the Bluboo Maya Max

The release date for the Bluboo Maya Max is, from all accounts, expected around July/August  so we are expecting more detailed announcement about the specs really soon, so stay tuned  as we will release the details to you guys as soon as we know.




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