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BLUETTI is also proud to announce the latest “industry-first” innovation, the modular power products that are the BLUETTI B230 Power Station and B300. Both can be charged and discharged as a separate power module and both have multiple DC outlets, including a 100W 12 / V10A USB-C car outlet and some USB-A ports.

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The Bluetti EB200 has been optimized and new functions have been developed. The Bluetti EB200 has the advantage that it has a LiFePO4 battery and 4 AC outputs. A LiFePO4 battery has a long service life with approx. 3500 cycles. After 3500 charging cycles, the capacity is still approx. 80%. Lithium-ion batteries can usually be charged several hundred times (often around 500), but have an average capacity loss of 20% every 500 cycles. The Bluetti EB200 does not require active maintenance to extend its service life. The low self-discharge (<3% per month) ensures that you can store the Power Station for a longer period of time.

An MPPT solar charge controller is installed as the input controller. With the solar modules, the maximum input of 700 W / 150 V can be achieved, which maximizes the charging process and the EB200 can be fully charged within 4 hours. If the charging process is to be accelerated, the Bluetti EB200 can also be charged synchronously with solar and electricity from the socket via the power supply unit – the charging process takes approx. 2-3 hours. In this way, you have a powerful, self-sufficient energy system at your disposal, which has sufficient power and capacity to supply the devices that are important to you with energy.

On the front, the EB200 is equipped with a display that can be operated via a touchscreen. The menu navigation is kept simple and easy to understand. The charge status of the battery can be clearly seen on the display. The EB200 also has an eco-mode to save energy. Furthermore, an error menu has been added so that all error messages can be displayed in the form of error codes. With the Bluetti EB200, you always have a reliable backup at hand. As an emergency supply at home, but also as an ideal power supply in places where there is no electricity.

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